Love and Poverty in "A Gift for My Mother," a Story by Viv McDade

Poverty is a bad thing but often looks, but it is not always about money. It’s also about frustrations about all the things you really dream and dream about, but you never get. These are some of the problems in the shot “A gift for My Mother” there has been written to Viv McDader The novel is written In I tell, who is Lucy, who is 10 years old and lives with her mother and father in South Africa. Her mother wants a bigger house, they just do not have enough money for it “Then die on it“ he said, walking out of the kitchen,” because it‘s all there is” have you feel they suffer from poverty and that only the father has a job.

But Lucy wants to change her way after school, she walks on a field where she picks flowers and makes it nice pouches that she’s making money by knocking on doors It’s her point of view and opinions and the events there now.

When people who read, the story find out what she thinks, does, educates and feels, but not really how the other people contribute or what they think about it all.

Lucy here a strange ability to immerse herself and wonder what is happening in nature around her when she’s out to find flowers for her mother because she wants to make everyone happyl So she definitely believes if she finds flowers for her mother she would be very happy.

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She is good at describing the details of how each flower looks, She just wants her mother to be happy all the time instead of being angry, so she’s also trying to get some money, “ What you‘ve earned isn’t enough to live on ” Another day, the father comes home from work the first morn asks is how much money you have earned this week. As soon as she is, how much he has earned, she thinks there is not enough for them to live for. You may notice Lucy is a young girl, because she has a different mindset than if it were an adult. She can see what the time is like looking at the shadows the trees make “By the time I got home the long grass was making shadows across the path and I’d worked out everything I needed to do.

I laid out the flowers and divided them into ten bunches 7 some all one kind of flower, others different flowers but shades of the same color and others I mixed up’K It is very clear that Lucy does not understand the world in which the adults live. Lucy may notice something happening between her mother and father and that she only thinks about what they say. “Then die on it” he said, walking out of the kitchen, “because it’s all there is” have you feel they stiffer from poverty and that only the father has a job. Lucy’s mother thinks she has to give back the money she has just earned by knocking on the doors of others because she will be perfect “I’d have everythingjust perfect, nothing but the best”. The novel takes place as said in South Africa by rail, the environment itself seems very simple and dead and across the other side of the railway they are” with hallways and skirting boards”. The murders would like to live better than she does and to become richer. But she does not want other people to laugh at her “A big sob came out of her, and when she looked up her face was twisted and wet. ”People will think I sent you, they’ll think I dressed you up and sent you out to sell flowers from the bush“.

The flowers of the mother were an attempt to make the mother happy, but they also have a symbolic value. For a short while, the flowers were allowed to stand up so she can see them while she is cooking. “They’re beautiful,” she said, turning the little bunch to look at the shape and color of each flower, the red and black lucky beans snug in their dry brown pod”, They were not allowed to stand for long, because after a quarrel with the father, the flowers came out in the dark and had no effect on her mood “I switched on the light, and she pulled the curtains closed, leaving the jar of flowers in the darkness‘fl The main theme in history is love and poverty. Lucy loves your mother and tries to make her happy to raise money for hert But poverty can cause problems in a family and kill the love. The mother always got Lucy or her father to make life better instead of even making an effort.

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