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Near this time last year, I went on an incredible adventure. During the spring break of 2017, I traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with a couple of my friends. We did a lot of fun things while we were there. My friends and I went to the beach, swam in the ocean, swam in the football field-sized pool, explored the city, went four-wheeling up the mountains, and many other exciting things. Of all of these things, my favorite activity during the vacation was going skydiving.

It all started as a joke. There was a skydiving business stationed not more than two hundred feet from our resort, which got us interested. The two brothers I was staying with begged their parents to do it, but naturally, the parents did not trust the sketchy skydiving business in a foreign country, nor did they want their children falling from the sky like a meteor soaring towards earth(simile). For a few days, it was just something we’d joke about while laying on the beach.

But, it turns out the parents had been researching it and had seriously taken the idea into account. They sprung this idea back onto us out of the blue; showing us the good reviews and even GoPro footage from their website. I was beyond excited. The next day we went into the building to book the event. It was happening!

The morning of the skydiving was filled with emotions, mostly my obvious nervousness and extreme excitement. It could not have been a better day.

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The sky was clear and the weather was near perfect. We arrived at the skydiving building fairly early. When we got there the employees gave us a run-through of the procedure, got us strapped up to our harnesses, and ushered us into a bus to transport us to the airport. Although the bus ride was probably only a few miles, it felt like an eternity(hyperbole). When we finally arrived at the airport our group was casually brought through security. After that, we followed the professional skydivers to a very small plane, with only containing a couple of benches for seating. At this moment, my nerves started to kick in. The instructor gave us a few last instructions and reminded us of the vital procedures, and then, we were off!

The plane ride was both nerve-racking and exciting. The views were magnificent. We were flying over the ocean for several minutes, seeing the beautiful coastline, with mountains, buildings, and neighborhoods in the background. The beachgoers looked like ants(simile). Our instructor was periodically informing us of our altitude and estimated time until we would jump. Then, our plane had reached approximately 12,000 feet, it went time! One of the instructors opened up the side door of our miniature airplane, my heart was beating at a million beats per second(hyperbole). Just to my luck, I was told to go first. I looked at my friends and smiled, although extremely nervous on the inside. Next, I stood up from the bench, walked near the edge, and stopped. After taking a deep breath and getting an all-clear, I jumped! The free fall was most definitely the most exhilarating 60 seconds of my entire life. If described in one word: intense. I felt as if I was falling at near-mach speeds(hyperbole), yet with the winds pushing against me like a hurricane(simile). I have never felt freedom quite like that. Once I reached a certain altitude, the parachute was pulled, and the intensity of the free fall had ended. I was a balloon floating in the air(metaphor), weightless and sinking peacefully towards sea level. This stage of the fall was quite enjoyable. I had a gorgeous view of the beach, mountains, and city from thousands of feet above. While hanging from the parachute, I did a couple of tracks as well. By pulling hard on one of the steering handles, I would spin like a ceiling fan(simile), faster or slower depending on the force of which I pulled. As I looked around, I could see the other skydivers scattered across the sky. I was no longer nervous. Only joy and excitement filled my body. As we got closer and closer to the beach, I knew my time in the air was coming to an end. I tried to soak it all up while I still could. Eventually, we got close enough to where I could see my friend’s parents taking pictures and waving from down below, as well as a blue “X” laid on the beach signifying where we were to land. My tandem instructor did a magnificent job of aiming our parachute to the “X”. The landing was about as soft and precise as possible.

Although saddened that my time falling from the sky had ended, I was also relieved to be on the ground again. This event is something I will never forget. And unlike many others, I can truthfully say that it is crossed off of my bucket list!

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