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The following sample essay on Synopsis: Lets Cycle is a reality program that promotes the importance of going green & healthy living through cycling. Baki & Rickman, the two hosts for Lets Cycle will make their way around Peninsular Malaysia on their two-wheelers for one month, where they will spread knowledge on going green and low carbon living with the villagers and townsfolk along the way. During the journey, there will be 4 main touchpoints with on-ground activities where the two ambassadors will be joined by other 8TV hosts, who together will share DIY upcycling tips and complete various environmental-friendly tasks.

Foreign program

Synopsis: Survivor Games is the first documentary reality show of nature exploration in Asia. Bear Grylls, who is a famous wilderness survival expert and a number of celebrities ( Jiang Chang Jian, Cecilia Han, Zhang Jun Ning, Michael Tse, Zhang Dan Feng, Wowkie Zhang, Liu Yu Xi, Wu Qian, Bai Jing Ting) to explore and survive in the wild.

In the program show, they had spent 16 days together in the jungle. During their journey, they jumped off from the precipitous waterfall, catch wild animals to eat, were buried alive in the wetland, climb the cliffs and more. They overcome all the dangers in the jungle together!


Exploring unfamiliar environment and facing different challenges. The first similarity between two programs is the program are focusing on gaining attachment to our mother nature. Most of the activities focuses on showing appreciation towards mother nature for example cycling, gaining the knowledge of survival skills according to your surroundings without using pollutants or equipments that are harmful for our nature.

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Besides, Lets cycle uses bicycle as the main transportation to explore the rural areas of Kelantan and Sabah. Throughout the journey they are required to participate in some tasks they are unfamiliar with. For example, Baki helped to rebuild houses for the homeless people in Kelantan after their homes were destroyed by landslide. On the other side, Survivor Games is about exploring and overcoming challenges in wildlife. For example, they have tried to get enough protein by eating worms, they have also tried to perform Deadman technique to cross between cliffs, parachuting and some of the extreme sports they never tried before. The difficulties they faced may not be the same, but they are surrounded in nature. In both of the programs, they help the audience to realise important life values. The audience will have much more understanding to the society around them. For example, both of the challenges need to be faced with courage, tolerance and the willingness to sacrifice. As they overcome each challenge, it will help the audience to understand the importance of those values. Each program is giving out enough time for them to share out their thoughts, opinions and highlighted the meaningful part about what they have gone through. Both of the programs actually help the audience to understand their feelings and to be really stand in the participants place to understand their decisions.

Post production on subtitles and background music are used frequently. As the local program which is let’s cycle involved various kinds of races and ethnics, the languages may also be varied according to the situation. In this case, Lets Cycle will have subtitles when someone speaks English so that audience can understand what people said in the show although Lets Cycle normally do not have subtitles. For Survivor Games, no matter what language the people in the program speak, there will be Chinese subtitles.Background music are able to garner a certain emotion or energy that the program participants on screen are experiencing. The right background music used at the right time can amplify the feelings. The programs have invited famous celebrities and hosts to attract the audience. In local program, local famous hosts, Rickman and Baki as fixed participants. During all the episodes, they had also invited 2 local celebrities as special guests. On the other hand, Survivor Games has invited 8 fixed guests and 1 fashion model as special guest. Survivor Games and Lets Cycle are considered as Arc Series program. It means that both the program can have structured episodes, but overall it will have a final conclusion (winner or revelation) For example, Lets Cycle will end each episode with key moments about their main activity while in the last episode, there will be a revelation about their journey to conclude their trip. In Survivor Games, there are challenges that need participants to face. Among all the participants, two participants will be pick as best and worst performance of the day. The episodes progress and evolve with each participant facing conflicts but after all, there will be a final resolution when they conclude what they have learned through this program.


Lets Cycle is a local television program which is able to make its audience understand about our country, Malaysia while Survival Games is not able to make its audience learn about the country, China. Program participants of Lets Cycle are trying to explore the lifestyle of Malaysians. They go to many unique places in the country and interview the local residents in order to let audiences know more about their daily lives. On the other hand, Survival Games only want to conduct many challenging activities but they are not exploring the country. The programme of Lets Cycle has a simple way of delivering many messages compared to Survival Challenges. The content of Lets Cycle mostly has promoted the importance of going green, the healthy lifestyle through the activity of cycling. Upon completing this program, they will spread the information about going green and live in the rural area with no basic facility with the urban people. Survivor Games on the other hand, has different content messages to deliver as the focus is in surviving skills and completing tasks. Lets Cycle do not have a safety personnel when the characters in the programme are conducting some dangerous activities. For example, when two people in the program bike up the mountain, there is even no people other than program recorder around them. If accident happen to them, no professional is able to provide help immediately. Survival Games have better and safer environment for the program attendants. The program included safety personnels. For example, when the program participants were trying to jump into the river from high place, two safety personnel are ready in the river. If any accident happens, the two safety personnels are able to give immediate help as they have professional skills and experience to help people in such conditions.


Lets cycle

Lets Cycle has a broader content which is suitable for any age audience while Survivor Games is limited to certain range of audience.The program participants of Lets Cycle can go to any places in Malaysia according to the topic of the program while the participants of Survival Games are only exploring in the wildlife as the program is about exploring in the wild. For example, the participants of Lets Cycle are able to conduct a lot of activity such as cycling, cooking, mountain climbing, parachuting and making traditional handcraft and helping the needy people. In our opinion, the diversification content of Lets Cycle is more suitable for any age of audience. In contrast, the activities carried out by Survival Games are limited to extreme sports lovers and those who like challenging activities. The program can promote tourism in Malaysia.In a total of 3 seasons of Let’s cycle, they have cycled around Semenanjung and also the east coast of Malaysia. As they went around Malaysia, the audiences can spot varies attractions places and scenic spots. This program can actually boost local tourism. Let Malaysian be aware of what is happening in our country. The program can gain empathy, to help and sympathized the people who suffered from natural disasters. Let Malaysian know the lifestyle of the people that live in rural areas, that does not really have the basic facility such as light. The audience who watch the show and have the mind of cherish everything they have now. It is easier to engage with the audience in life situations as there are a lot of people from different backgrounds and profession in joining this program. For instance, there are expert bicycle hikers as tour guide, youngsters who is brave enough to learn scuba diving, needy elderly who is homeless, orang asli who are invited to share their culture and traditions.

Survivor Game

Lets Cycle do not include any competition element while Survival Games has included many activities which is competitive. in the program content which is able to attract the audiences and also avoid them from feeling boring when they are watching the program. For example, Survival Games had required the program participants to make bamboo boat and then carry out a competition to know which team is able to make a best bamboo boat which can move the most fastest. While for Lets Cycle, the program participants never conduct any competition among themself. Professional and detail post production. Survivor Game have applied all kinds of special effects to attract the audience. For example, sound effects and slow motion. Sound effects are able to emphasize or express an action, mood, or feeling. They are always synchronized with certain actions of people in the program and also be used in the background of a scene to create anticipation or other emotions. Slow motion allows program viewers to see clearly what the people in the program are doing.

Have safety personnel

Survival Games had included safety personnel in the program to improve the safety of the program participants. Survival Games required participants to carry out many challenging and dangerous activities such as jumped off from the precipitous waterfall. Therefore, they included safety personnel in the program. The safety personnel are always get ready to provide immediate help if any accident happen to the program participants. This is very important as the safety personnels are able to improve the program participants’ safety because the safety personnel have specific knowledge and experience to help people in emergency situation. The program motivates audience to overcome their own fears. It challenged the limitations of the participant to finish the tough tasks. When it keeps giving out the unpredictable, the program will also encourage the audience to overcome own fears in life. It gives us the courage to break free and try out new things that we thought we might never achieve. For example, the participants have to hunt food and eat whatever they have. They are also required to climb waterfalls.


Lets cycle

Lets Cycle have less substantial program content compared to Survival Games. Many important details are not well elaborated and shown in the program as the showtime is limited. The showtime of Lets Cycle is around 20 minutes excluding advertisements while the showtime of Survival Games is about 1 and a half hour excluding advertisements. Unlike Survivor Games, they are able to show in each perspective and the situation is clearly described. Post production is too simple.There are no special effects and the colour correction did not applied well enough to help the audience see clearly of the sceneries when it is in a poor light situation. Lets Cycle do not have subtitile but Survival Games have subtitles all the time. The audience of Survival Games are able to understand what the participants in the program are talking about but the audience of Lets Cycle may feel confused or difficult to understand what the participants in the program talk.

Survivor Games

As compared to Lets Cycle which is suitable for a wide range of audience, Survivor Games target audience is limited. This is because Survivor Games is about exploring and surviving in the wild and therefore it is only suitable for audience who are interested in extreme sports and adventure. Some program plots may cause discomfort to some audience. For example, audience may feel disgusted towards eating rats and drinking urine scene.


Suggestions to improve

One of the suggestions to improve local program, Lets Cycle should include more details in the process in post production. For example, the subtitles can help the audience understand the program more easily. They should also add in some specials effects in the program. This is to attract audiences and also can avoid the program audiences from feeling bored for the program content. For example, slow motion and movable cute cartoons can be added in funny moments. For example, the producer can refer to Survivor Games had recorded participants real emotions and conflict in certain circumstances that create real drama. Secondly, improve the program content to become more attractive. Some interesting activities should be included to engage more audience. For example, the program instructor of Lets Cycle can require the program participants to conduct some competition with the local residence.This is because participants of different culture will have a different kind of spark. For instance, Lets Cycle can refer to Survivor Games to add in the competitive element to increase the level of difficulty and also to attract more audience. Last but not least, increase the showtime of the program. The showtime of the local program, Lets Cycle is too short as the program is only about 20 minutes. This will caused the insufficient content. For example, explanation and elaboration of the orang asli lifestyle is not clear enough as the showtime is too short for the program participants to give elaboration. Thirdly. Lets Cycle did a good job on to discovering real people with fascinating lifestyle and families, for example, orang asli, to create and produce a wider and deeper perspective as compare to Survivor Games. In our opinion, Survivor Games can improvised by inviting non celebrities from different backgrounds can be invited. It is because non celebrities with their own courage and passion can also capture the audience eyeballs.

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