Leadership Ho Chi Minh. Short Life Story

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Ho Chi Minh was born on May 19, 1980, as Nguyen Sinh Cong. He grew up in a family that opposed the French colony. As a young man, Ho traveled to Europe where he attempted to win Vietnamese independence at the Versailles peace conference. In 1923 he went to the Soviet Union to study that country’s recent revolution and developing communist system. Ho returned to Indochina in 1940, formed the Vietminh, and led them in an eight-year war of independence against France, ended by the Geneva conference of 1954, which partitioned the country.

Throughout his life, Ho often changed his name by using pseudonyms for French, British, and Chinese police until he became Vietnam’s leader. Though he assumed the alias Ho Chi Minh relatively late in his life, it remains his most familiar name As president of North Vietnam, He supported efforts to unite the country under a communist regime and to overthrow the government of South Vietnam. This struggle, waged by North Vietnamese troops and the indigenous revolutionary movement, the Viet Cong, met increasing resistance from South Vietnam’s ally.

The Vietnamese communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh as he appeared in the early 1950s. Ho dedicated himself to winning Vietnam’s independence and unification. His Vietminh nationalist movement eventually ousted French occupiers in 1954. He used Wilson’s 14 points to express his and the Vietnamese people’s will on self-determination but soon he realized that the wealthy, more powerful nations would never easily surrender their colonies. The Vietnamese, like the rest of the oppressed peoples whose nations were not yet their own, would ultimately have to fight for their freedom.

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He learned of dramatic differences in the way French and Vietnamese lived during his childhood. He was so impatience with the French that his patriotic feelings developed accordingly and followed the socialist way of thinking during his University years. He studied methods of revolution developed by Lenin. It is said that he was very much influenced by Lenin and his thoughts.

Overall leadership understanding was based on the leadership style that came from physical strength and the power to influence the people. He had learned to use these ideas to influence the Vietnamese peasants at home. Ho added an ingredient to Lenin’s list of leadership qualities – a feature that was called SHU by the Chinese sage Confucius (or Kung-fu-du). Its common translation is “common heart” – a feeling of giving and taking among individuals with the awareness that all men are brothers. His activities are likely to be described as “Ho’s instinct seems to have been to work from the heart rather than the head. During his participation in Whampoa Military Academy guerilla tactics classes, he learned the strategy of stealth. He understood that this was a way of defeating an opponent having heavy land artillery and superior air power. This created a great deal of influence on his leadership as well by executing his leadership style on his followers in the same manner. That allowed him to reach his new goal which was to achieve power through a two-stage revolution. Addressing the most conscientious elements in each class will be the first step. The second, longer-term phase would lead to socialism after a steady process of economic and social change. Before either phase could begin, he had to unite all the rival anti-colonial groups into a single strong organization. His diplomatic skills were severely tested during his challenge of uniting three different groups but he finally pulled the groups together, along with the association of the Vietnamese Communist Party.

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