Itqan and Ihsan have a close meaning It share the same basic

Itqan and Ihsan have a close meaning. It share the same basic meaning of perfection and excellence or to do beautiful things. Usually Itqan refers to a work done based on acquired skills, while Ihsan represents the inner strength of Muslim and his intention, reflected on his deeds through his skills as well. The Prophet SAW said, “Allah loves when you perform deed to execute it with excellence”. Everything that we do must come with sincerity to make sure that the work that we do will become perfect.

Increasing the level of Itqan in our activities increases our level of taqwa because it is one of the things that our Prophet emphasized on us to inherit so that we adopt right and noble character. By the time we establish high level of Itqan, we are also establishing good characters of striving for perfection. In engineering perspective, perfection is very important. For civil engineer, the building that they build need to sustain in long period of time.

They mostly deal with human life in their field work. A small mistake in term of calculation or during the construction process will cause accidents. Engineer will take full responsibility against what has happened including to pay the cost of construction work and to the family’s worker who died during construction work. When the building is completed, anything happened after will be responsible by engineer. That is why engineer must be perfectionist person to make sure that everything run smoothly.

Moreover, Ihsan is the Muslim responsibility to obtain perfection or excellence in worship.

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It is one of the three dimension of the Islamic religion which are Islam, Iman and Ihsan. The concept of Ihsan is primarily associated with intention. Some Muslim scholars explain Ihsan as being the inner dimension of Islam whereas Shariah is often describe as the outer dimension. In engineering perspective, scope of responsibility for Muslim engineers are towards Allah, employer, employee, product, customer, society, government and environment. They need to take account everything around them. Engineer do not just work with machines, designs and electronics, they use mathematics and science to provide innovations and inventions that shape our society and improve the way we live and work. This means that engineers have responsibility and also a great opportunity to ensure that they have a positive influence in society.

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Itqan and Ihsan have a close meaning It share the same basic
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