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There are a lot of personal why people some time don’t like to exercise. To increase exercise adherence due to personal factors, We can use behavioral modification strategy for this situation. Maybe it is the hours that do not work for the students. We can change their behavior by offer programs that would attract them to the facility.

We will offer programs and send them to student groups and majors regarding the great facility right on campus. If there is a fee to use the facility, maybe offer discounts.

Another major reason why people don’t exercise is because the lack the motivation to do so. Offer group programs and have a “buddy” type of system. Many people like working in groups and making progress. Everyone can get healthy together. Officer reward programs for the group with the largest weight loss or best attendance. Making the programs easy to understand, and participate in, it will make someone that has never exercise in their lives continue exercising.

One of the biggest excuses people used to not exercise is the location of the facility. It they have a hard time getting to the facility or there is not any parking that will affect the attendance. The weather for one. The trainer at my gym, had waited at the front door of the gym to see when people would pull up and he would run out and walk them in. That is something worth saying. But having a cover at the front of the facility so you can get your stuff together would be helpful in bad weather.

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I will expand many of the programs outside he facility.

Also, creating different variety of programs based on the weather or time of the year. Like a Little Black Dress program after the holidays to get back into that dress for the spring! In the summer try to make programs that take place outside, while in the winter create programs that take place indoors

. Some social factors such as social support, convenience of facility, time for exercise. Some people have fear of exercising with strangers or just ashamed of their body. Programs that encourage peole to work together like the Little Black Dress program I mentioned above encourages people to help each other.

They are on the same journey and together they can achieve their goals. And for someone like me who has social anxiety, it actually helps me to have a partner or group of people working toward the same goal. And exercise really helps me to relax and reduces my anxiety. Another example is that they are busy because they have to study or other obligations that take them away from having time for the gym. Promote the late night hours that the students prefer and advertise the convenience the facility and provide the comfortable and interactive environment for people to workout. Some behavioral factors such as partying, playing video games, used to not exercising and eating poorly. There needs to be different programs that interest different kinds if people which is important for adherence exercise.

For example, my hometown is known for its football. Maybe offer programs that get those people involved in a game of touch football outside of the facility at a park. This would also bring out friends who just want to watch their classmates running around trying to play tag football!

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