In the episode White Bear and Justice from Black Mirror it depicts

In the episode White Bear and Justice from Black Mirror, it depicts the concept ‘an eye for an eye’. I think that there is nothing wrong with the concept ‘an eye for an eye’. Within this essay you will why Victoria deserved the punishment she received for the crime she committed. As well as how many characters are/were guilty.

An engaged couple, Lain Rannoch and Victoria Skillaine kidnapped, a little girl named Jemima, Lian tortured, and killed he killed her by burning her body, while Victoria remained to stay and filmed Lain’s actions instead of calling the police and possibly saving the little girl’s life.

While Lain had been charged and convicted under Canada’s justice law sections 235 for murder, and 137 for tampering the evidence by burning the body, he committed suicide in his prison cell. As for Victoria, she underwent a daily punishment which she experiences at white bear Jurassic park and continues to do so. Victoria wakes up at a house with an unknown symbol displayed on the T.

V which was later found out was the symbol Lain had tattooed on the back of his neck. She saw a picture of her and an unknown male and little girl, which she thinks is her daughter. She leaves her house and asks for help but everyone remains filming her as a masked guy exits his car and tries to shoot her. She eventually meets a guy named Damien and a girl named Jem, the man ends up shooting Damien.

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Jem and Victoria travel to the transmitter which is located in white bear, two hunters attack them and attempt to kill them. Victoria takes a shotgun and tries to shoot the hunter but the shotgun turns out to only spray confetti. The walls open and a crowd of people began to shout and scream forcing Victoria to sit in a chair, as someone told her everything she had done to the little girl. Victoria is then driven back to the house while the crowd of people continue to film her, she is forced to relive the same scenario every day as punishment for kidnapping and being an accessory to the murder of the little girl. Her mind is wiped every night so she will not remember what happened, and will be afraid and confused just as the child was, and the punishment is looped.

The concept ‘an eye for an eye’ is fitting for this case because of her morbid and heinous crime, she deserves this punishment because what she did was unforgivable. Instead of saving an innocent 6-year-old girl, Victoria deprived the little girl of her life, she deprived two parents from their child. Victoria only stood there watching and filming the horrific act. If I was Victoria, not only would I have not filmed the act for my enjoyment but I would have called the police so Jemima would at least get a fighting chance to live. Victoria should be given the daily punishment that she bestowed upon, and shouldn’t have the chance to have rehabilitation if she were to go to prison. Rehabilitation should only be given when the crime is small or petty, like a petty theft should have the chance to have rehabilitation, and murders should not at all.

I think there are two guilty characters in this episode of Black Mirror, Lain Rannoch and Victoria Skillaine. What the other characters are doing is also morally incorrect but Victoria deserved it. Lain was the perpetrator, and Victoria was abetting the crime, meaning Lain committed the crime, and she was at the scene, she was also encouraging the behavior because she was recording the whole act.

In my opinion, I think justice was still not served to Jemima because Lain should have been tortured the same way he had tortured and brutally murdered Jemima. The way Victoria was treated is controversial but she abetted the crime and she could have quite easily saved little Jemima’s life. She had the choice to help her but she chose to take the wrong path and now she has to pay for it. If she were to ever be convicted, I think she should never get the chance to have rehabilitation. If she were to receive rehabilitation that would be unjust to Jemima. The way they are treating Victoria may not be morally correct, but she did ruin many lives by letting Jemima die so they should treat her like an animal.

I conclude that there was nothing wrong with the punishment given to Victoria, although it may not have been morally correct, she deserves to be punished. The ‘eye for an eye’ concept is perfectly fine in this case, and you can see why she and her fiance were guilty. What the other characters do, is bad but not as brutal as what they both did to Jemima who was helpless and scared out of her mind, dying a slow painful death.

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In the episode White Bear and Justice from Black Mirror it depicts
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