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In every individual life at least one person plays an important role Paper

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In every individual life, at least one person plays an important role to make that individual a better one. During my life, I have met numerous individuals who influenced me. Some are good influences and some are bad. But the person who influenced me a lot is my father. His name is Sukhwinder Singh. He is 49 years old. Professionally, he is a proper dealer. I adore my father because he is a strong confident man and he loves his family more than anything in this world. There are no words to describe for what he gave me in life. My father inspired me in two different ways. The main point which influenced me that how he easily overcomes the difficulties. He always teaches me that instead of rethinking the problem, do your best to tackle with that situation with smile. The second thing is that my father believed me a lot that give me confidence in myself. I will discuss these two pints briefly in the upcoming paragraphs.

The first thing is that my father worked very hard since his childhood because my grandfather has died earlier, he worked in the fields collecting corn and planting seeds along with his brothers which was his hard days of life. So, as an older son it was the responsibility of my father to take care of his brother and sister. Even, when I was in my home country (India) most of the time, I saw my father to do work in late nights. By doing that much of hardwork my father is now doing his own business and because of him our family lives a beautiful life. The hardwork which my father did gives me motivation that nothing is impossible in life. To see his hard work, I also want to achieve something in my life that my father feels proud on me. Moreover, my father does every work enthusiastically. I never saw him unhappy. I think this is the main reason that motivates me to do every work of mine with smile no matter what the situation is. For this, I will give all the credits to my father.

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The second reason is that my father has been an important source of information and inspiration for me or many times we have had late nights because he would be explaining a math problem to me or we would be working on my projects. I am very grateful because of his motivation and believes in me I got good marks from my schools and because of his support I finally reached in my dream country Canada to do my higher studies. Moreover, my father is a good adviser in my family. Every family member of my family take advices from him whenever they get problems. Now, when I feel sad or face some difficulty then, I always remember how my dad believes in me and that gives me the strength to go forward.

In conclusion, I want to say that every single thing that my father has done for me has made me who I am today. My dad is not only my dad he is my real hero and best friend. I can share my all bad and happy moments with him. He is a support system for me. My father loves me a lot. He is the best father of this world and he is the real reason of my happiness and joy. I am daddy’s little girl and proud of that. I know that my father will always be on my side. I love my father so much.

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