Social Media and Its Role

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In Denmark the number of social media users have generally risen in the year 2018 comparing to 2017, between the age group of 16-89 years old. Even elderly people are representing a large share of the social media, in the recent years it has increased between 19% and 22%. Meaning, social media and technology itself is at a rapid spread through and every generation want to be updated.

In the graph below, it is also visible how all in all internet users are raising, even the development of younger users has slightly decreased.

Amongst all internet users, more than half of them at 53% are active Facebook users, only 19% of those people are active on Instagram and another 19% on Snapchat. Considering the age range, it makes sense, as elderly people are having hard times understanding technologies and social media as well. Facebook is a great place for relatives and families to keep in touch when people are living far away from their families.

Technology is helping out the restaurant industry and changing the way they can communicate with the customers.

With a high increase of internet users, customers search for everything beforehand on the internet. For a restaurant it is essential to be easily found online, need to have an easily read website with the menu online. To be able to communicate with the customers they need to sign up to as many rating sites as possible. The South Indian has really good ratings, as I have mentioned it above, and can be found on several sites as well.

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However, when searching for the restaurant, their Facebook page does not pop up as an option.

Having social media sites are helping out the restaurant blinding and making their own brand stronger, especially for smaller businesses it is a great advantage to stand out in the market. When having websites and social media connecting to the restaurant, they need to make sure it has a mobile version as well. There is a rise of people having smartphones, over 60 % of searches are happening through mobile devices. (Sharp, 2017) We can conclude that customers usually are using their smartphones as a digital device to reach and interact with the brand. As long as my observation goes, I rarely experience customers coming in and not using their phone. I would say clients who I do not see use it typically are older people, they still have a sense of sentimental and they have not been brought up with technology surrounding them. Even though they are internet and social media users, I would still argue of them not using it every moment of their life.

We can see the media development, and what everyday people like to use as a social media form, Major digital platforms South Indian is interacting at is their own website that can be seen on both computer and mobile version as well. As we see in the survey many people have googled up options to find the restaurant, henceforth they have a great ability to be able to find on Google and on TripAdvisor as well. (Survey appendix) As mentioned, South Indian has a Facebook site, but it could go through some changes in order to reach the restaurant’s target segment or just people in general.

Different digital media communications and advertisements in the past few years can be see in the diagram below. These are different channels where companies are engaged to reach the audience with different paid advertising services. We can see how newspapers and magazines advertisements are declining from 2015. While TV sales and radio advertisement are at a stagnated place, the internet space is increasing in the past few years.

Even though, we can see a slight decrease from 2016 to 2017, it is still over reaching the other advertisement forms with an approximate 37% rate. Meanwhile the South Indian cannot be seen in TV commercials nor in newspaper advertisement, the internet is the most efficient place for them to promote their services. We do not have flyers that we could spread around in the city, however a few month ago when we had new stocks of take away menus delivered, everyone took home some and in a direct mailing aspect give it out in different mail boxes around different parts of the city. The company should immerse onto what types of paid advertisement they should elaborate more to be the most cost efficient.

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