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As dancers, we are shown at a very young age a very important dance genre that has created a famous impack to many different countries. Ballet has been a incredible style of entertainment that looks effortless but takes a lot of strong minds and bodies to work together. It has come along with the different styles, music, costumes, and shoes as well. The little ballet slippers that we wear today was not the same scenario back in the 1700 and 1800’s heading into the Romantic Era.

The first ever “ballet shoe” were low heeled shoes that were removed for the dancers to have more of a lighter feeling with their jumps and movements. Even then, ballet dancers were taking on more challenges with a creation of wires making their dance seem romantic yet earthy. Dancers were connected to wires around their waist and hoisted up into the air, as if they were flying, to preform new and difficult techniques but in 1832, the first ever pointe shoe made its debut to the world.

A pointe shoe is a shoe worn by ballet dancers when performing pointe work. It has a wooden form around the toes to help the dancer “rise up” and perform movements with ease. Charles Didelot is an unknown genius among the incredible minds of what made ballet it is today. The average dancer knows Balanchine and Petipa, but very few know the accomplishments of Didelot and what he has done for ballet. He was born in 1767 into a family of dancers with his mother and also his father, who was a dance master for the King of Sweden.

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His father was very proud of him with his career starting so young so he knew that his son was made for greatness taking after him. When Charles was very young, Didelot was noticed by the King Gustav III of Sweden by his technique and was sent to France to continue his studies. Charles technique is very similar to the style which created the Romantic Era with romantic stories.

Focusing on his creativity he made a decision of moving to Paris and to start studying with world famous choreographers Jean-Georges Noverre and Jean Dauberval. (“Charles-Louis Didelot.”). He made such an Now Charles created a way making dancing easier with a method of wires hooked up to fly system in a theatre where a dancer would be lifted up portraying the look of lightness and flight. He also made costumes with lighter material for the skirt with a similar material which a lot of bright minds created during the Romantic Era. It’s a simplifying decision of a helping dancer sand even choreographers create more and different creations. This invention was often called the “flying machine” because it was a whole new method of dance. This was so praised by audience and especially dance choreographers that they started to use this method in dances around the time. Speaking of choreographers, low and behold Charles was one as well,

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