Even if it seems to you that your work is written perfectly, an additional check will not be superfluous. In order to do this, you can easily apply to a website that grades your writing.


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What Should You Check before Delivering Your Paper?

After you have completed and proofread your paper, you should once again pay attention to the following moments:

  • whether the topic is revealed;
  • if there is an epigraph, whether  it is combined with the text and the theme;
  • if there is a plan, whether  it corresponds the topic;
  • whether there is a logical sequence between the points of the plan;
  • if there is no plan, then how consistent is the material itself;
  • is there any logic in the coverage of the material;
  • are the main compositional requirements met (introduction, main part, conclusions)?
  • how the basic ideas are formulated.
  • whether there is illustrative material to them and how accurately it is used;
  • whether the quotes are used in the text, they are to the place and whether they are properly decorated; there is no
    distortion of the meaning;
  • if much is written, is it possible to shorten the text;
  • if the composition seems short, how can it be expanded and supplemented?

Of course, all this is done manually, but in addition, it is possible to check additional parameters online with the help of grade my essay service.

For example, this service will help you to check spelling instantly and for free. Online checking is often needed when you need to prepare some text without making mistakes in it. The service not only checks the correctness of academic papers in English but also corrects errors by offering correct writing options. Simply enter the text and push the bottom.

Check the Grammar

Each language has a unique wealth that is peculiar to him and every student has the opportunity to take advantage of this. When you hear a competent speech, or if you have an ideally designed text before your eyes, without a single mistake, then immediately a positive impression is formed about the author or interlocutor. So, you should use a good plagiarism checker for students before submitting your work.

Check the Correctness of the Choice of Words

This is one of the most useful options of a grade my paper free service. The ability to correctly formulate thoughts and the ability to convey them to others play an important role in communication between people, whether it is a friendly conversation, business talks, the desire to persuade or teach someone something. The main problem arising from the inability to correctly formulate thoughts is a misunderstanding between people. And this is also justly applicable to writing a student’s composition, because if in oral speech you can additionally explain the meaning of your phrase to the interlocutor, then in academic paper you have only one attempt to write the right words so that you can be understood by both the professor who evaluates the work and your colleagues in education.

It is a real art to express thoughts correctly. Sometimes the ability to convey basic ideas to the interlocutor is useful not only in personal life but also in a career. The ability to persuade often becomes a fundamental success first in the student’s time and then in work. And free online essay grader is your helper to do it.

Check Punctuation Errors

Human speech arose from the need to exchange information, communicate with each other, and understand each other. It exists in oral and written form. Speaking to the interlocutor, a person pauses, raises or lowers his voice, changes intonation depending on the purpose of the statement or on the degree of emotionality with which he speaks. Punctuation is intended to convey the content of the writing speech, so that when reading, another person not only correctly understood the meaning but also imbued with the same feelings, emotions. Serving the needs of written communication, punctuation has a clear purpose – to facilitate the dismemberment of the written text to improve its understanding.  For this reason, a punctuation check is just as important for forming an evaluation for writing work.

Check for Plagiarism

Requirements for the uniqueness of academic work existed before the Internet era. But the teachers had to use only their memory and erudition. For more than one year students have been writing essays, term papers, and coursework, simply rewriting paragraphs from various sources. Experienced teachers could quickly determine such tricks, but, nevertheless, most of such “works” were evaluated positively.  Now the situation has changed – the work is submitted electronically and it is not difficult to check it for plagiarism. Therefore, it’s better to do it yourself and fix the error earlier than it will be done by the teacher and will affect your assessment.

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