Writing Petition Letter: Table of Content

There are different sorts of petitions that are usually written by people in order to influence decisions, change something or get something.

Essay Example on Petition Letter For College

Let us see the different forms of university petition letters.

Petition for Exemption

Writing petition letter for university is a very common thing. It is because there will come many instances when students have to apply for exemptions but in order to get these exemptions students first have to write a petition to the concerned person or the department. It is also important to note that it is not always necessary that your petition would acquire the approval. However, it will at least help you to make the authorities aware of you and your concerned problem.

Prior to writing the petition to the university, it is integral to first find out the name of the department and the person in charge there. Remember that if you don’t mention the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed to, the department may avert their eyes from it.

Petition for Admission

Petition letters are also used when an applicant wants to take admission in a particular university. The applicants have to submit the petition along with other necessary documentation and express their reasons why they want to go for this particular program. The minimum grade to apply for admission in any academia is at least 3 GPA. However, students can still get the admission in their desired university if they tell the reason in their petition letter that why they should be taken in by the university.

Petition for Financial Aid

You would also have to write a petition if you need financial aid in order to continue your university study because your financial package is not sufficient. Here you have to write a persuasive petition letter to the financial aid department of that university in an effort to get sufficient aid to complete your program. You can also submit a petition again if the department has canceled the aid due to your poor grades.

When writing a petition letter for acquiring financial aid it is important that you must address the justifying circumstances specifically. Briefly explain them the change in your income and expenses which are making it difficult for you to continue the studies. However if it is a petition for defending your financial aid, it is necessary to tell them If there has been an incident in your family or you were very ill during the examination. In such cases, it is also important that you must attach a pertinent document like a certificate from your physician in order to support your statement.

Petition for Grades

Oftentimes it is observed that mistakes are made by the teachers or professors while assessing the grades of the students. When pupils feel that they have not been given the grades they actually deserved they can file a petition for grades. Although every academia has its own method of filing a petition but the main format of writing one is the same in every college/university.

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