Writing a Business Persuasive Essay: Table of Content

For those studying business and other related courses, it is vital to learn how to get used to writing persuasive essay. It is a significant assignment that each student has to complete at each academic level. This paper shows how the writer uses theoretical knowledge in practice. Although it shouldn’t take lots of time to write this work, choosing business persuasive essay topics may take a while. You may wonder that topic selection is not difficult at all. However, in this article, you will see the clear explanation about how correctly chosen essay topics to help with the upcoming progress for the entire writing.

What is a business persuasive essay?

Business persuasive essay is not only a type of writing but a document that contains information about the company. It should tell the reader about the services it provides or the product that it sells. Also, there should be sections about sales markets, marketing, company goals, intellectual property, labor turnover, etc. In general, this essay should contain all aspects of the firm’s activities, up to what problems it can face and how these problems can be solved.

The main difference of this type from all the other is hidden in the word “persuasive.” Its meaning is just the same as the meaning of the word “to persuade.” Your target audience can be either a teacher or your clients. It depends on who you address in the paper. A virtual business will have another targeting. Your purpose is to draw the attention of the people you are writing to and persuade them that your idea is great. Use mathematics, tables, figures, statistics, financials to prove your viewpoint. Do this logically and cohesively to gain the desired result.

Business persuasive essay for entrepreneurs

A business persuasive essay is necessary not only to attract investors and convince them of the prospects of your company. Even if you invest money without any additional help, this essay with a proper business plan is the first and foremost step towards a prosperous and successful company. Not all entrepreneurs can correctly draw up this financial essay. Therefore, some companies provide services in writing such tasks; you can order essay paper here as well. Nevertheless, you can write this persuasive paper yourself. For this, it is necessary to know what it is, its structure and main principles.

How to choose a business persuasive essay topic

Selecting the theme for your paper is just as difficult as choosing the business idea. It is something that you can never learn or read. It should reflect creative thinking, critical reasoning, and lots of luck. Good ideas may come up to your mind while you are sleeping. You need to concentrate on that time of the day when you can get away from it all. Then focus on your assignment, and the creativity will boost a lot.

Find the problem

One of the most common ways to find the topic for discussion is to look for the existing problem. You need to research the market, investigate the customer’s “pains,” and offer the solution. Sometimes the entrepreneurs may find the problem by looking at personal experience. For instance, the founder of Uber didn’t like the idea that he couldn’t find a taxi when traveling to another country. It is how Uber appeared! Find for something similar and decide on the topic for your paper.

Find the disagreement

When you have already found the problem which you can solve with your business idea, check whether somebody hasn’t already resolved it. Sometimes students or even entrepreneurs make mistakes in not researching the market. You need to google the information about possible competitors. Here you can find statistics, mathematical calculations, use Google Analytics to be confident that your idea will be just the bomb!

Sometimes it occurs that somebody has already created a company similar to the one you need. However, does this service or product fulfill the customer’s needs to its fullest? In this disagreement sphere, you can find the ideal business persuasive essay topics. Your theme should be innovative, interesting, and ground-breaking. Research the market well, and you will see that the topics are right in front of you.

Describe your personal experience and growth

When writing an essay, you should pay attention to the description of the results of personal growth and self-development. The student should not bypass the fact of a perfect error, but it is necessary to highlight those positive changes in the paper of self-improvement that followed as a result of what happened. It is necessary to describe those thoughts and feelings that influenced your views so that it was reflected in subsequent actions and behavior.

If you haven’t achieved anything yet but only plan to launch a company, describe what you are expecting to achieve. You can devote the entire section to short-term and long-term goals of personal development. In the future, when analyzing this essay, you will see which targets were realistic and achievable.

Business persuasive essay topics

  1. Ways to reduce entrepreneurial risks.
  2. How to avoid crisis and collapse in the company?
  3. Classification of entrepreneurial risks.
  4. Relationship of strategy and processes.
  5. Analysis of the business environment of the construction organization.
  6. Communication strategies and processes.
  7. The role of financial analysis in assessing the value of the business
  8. Organization of one’s own business in any area through the acquisition of a franchise.
  9. Relationship of strategies and processes
  10. New formats in small business.
  11. Simulation modeling of business processes of the company.
  12. Classification of entrepreneurial types of administration and management.
  13. Organization of one’s own business in the sphere (in industry/area) by acquiring a franchise.
  14. Relationship of strategy and processes.
  15. Franchising: pitfalls and advantages.

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