Ethical Standards by Juan Ramirez

Topics: Moral

This project is primarily base on Juan Ramirez, who operates as a caseworker in his own community at the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. A case was submitted to him, but that case turns out to put a crack on his professional career because he will be meeting and taking up a case of former high school sweetheart by the name of Jenny Potter. Juan was not sure of whom he will be caring for and was very happy to meet with her.

According to (Allport, 1954;).

Reference in his text that lack moral rules when you are faced with the ethical dilemma with close relatives or friends must directly contact your supervisors or colleague at work. I think before Joan making the attempt to meet with Jenny he must first sit with his supervisor and ask for the further assistant. Juan immediately gets in interaction with Jenny and brother, but the decision Juan made took a great turnaround of his career that brought him many ethical Dilemma, According to (Craig, 2002).

Juan set up an appointment with his client Jenny and when the client step in the office it appears to be his ex-girlfriend, Jenny Potter. They had a decent time together back in the day in high school, both went in different ways after getting married. Jenny still carries her marital name.

Juan made a wrong choice without involving his supervisor into a case like this and he knew it was very corruptive to do so. He must have acted for Jenny as his caseworker at the same time sparkly thinking of their last moment together.

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Jenny came around with her brother to introduce him to Juan who also likes to play golf and immediately became friends, made that connection again and decided to go out for golf playing. According to (Craig, 2002; Festinger, Pepitone, & Newcomb, 1952).

The main issue in this scenario is that Juan overlooks the importance of ethical standard the moral rules. Accepting Jenny as his client even though they had a past relationship.

According to the two ethical standards cited from “NOHS” (2015) relating to professionals in this field, As I reflected on the areas cited, when Juan continually violated the values of (“Standards of Ethics for Professionals in Human Services”). Joan did not even understand the damage he was causing. In order to comply with those two ethical norms referred by “NOHS” (2015) concerning professional in the human services. Juan has consistently breached the principles of “Standards of Ethics for Professional.

In reference to the NOHS (2015) (Ethical-Standards for Human Service Professionals, n.d.) Standard Five, taking the risk towards the dual relationship can lead to damage or exploitation or can even cause harm to the professionals judgment for a Human Services professional. Concerning Dual Relationship, as a professional, he or she must truly understand the consequences and think of ways to avoid it.

For a human service professional and client taking that risk into the dual relationship, the male can be morally guided by concern for the relationship and females by morally concept of justice (Roomy, 2010). A client can get too comfortable and probably become self-harm to the human service professional or self and wouldn’t want to take direction from the human service worker.

According to (Sommers-Flanagan, R., Sommers-Flanagan, J. 2015-06-08 (pg. 110). Standard twenty-eight lay emphases on professional’s ethical code that defines the essence of how important it is to be a good professional in whom they ought to search for the proper session and direction to support in decision-making they have a legal or ethical dilemma.

I was expecting Joan as a human service professional to perform as one with the ability to explain the ethical standards and do the right thing by seeking extra help, Joan should have asked for extra support from the supervisor and colleagues to take over Jenny potter case but at the same time do not want to let his friend down by handing over the case to other caseworkers. Joan should have simply dropped the case and politely told his superiors that he could not bear on with the case anymore due to moral-ethical reasons that are aligned with the NOHS, so it could not have been a breach because he made the effort to hand over the case, but if at all, he set out to stay in the case, the most effective issue would be to instantly align skilled boundaries with Jenny and Bother. (Summers, 2015).

Just for that short period of time, there were so many ethical mistakes of immorality that goes wrong because Juan fails to correct with his immediate supervisor, Joan Thought he was helping Jenny but he was causing more harm to Jenny and he should have put aside the long-term friendship between them and emphasis on laying moral rules but instead went out to play golf which I believe was against the ethical standard rules Craig’s 2002.


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