Hepatitis Awareness and Wellness

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Importance of Health

The most important thing in life is your health. Your health can not be taking for granted you have to be carful and really keep up with your health. What happens if you are suddenly stroke with an illness or disease, you will want to know the types of treatment and prevention of that disease. This specific disease I will be bringing awareness and wellness to is hepatitis, and the health risk it can bring and the different treatments you can do if you are struck with this disease.

Hepatitis is a disease that is caused by a viral infection and can be transferred through blood, rarely through sexual contact. This illness can cause sever problems to your liver causing inflammation, causing a chain reaction of health problems throughout the body if not treated properly or not treated at all. There are different types of hepatitis, A, B, C those are the main ones that are always at the head of the pack.

 As said in the Healthline article by April Kahn and Valencia Higuera “here are other possible causes of hepatitis. These include autoimmune hepatitis and hepatitis that occurs as a secondary result of medications, drugs, toxins, and alcohol (Kahn, Higuera May 9th, 2017).

Treatment and Behaviour

However, if you are diagnosed with this disease there are a few alternatives for treatment depending on the type. The different things you can do is, get a lot of rest because with hepatitis insomnia and fatigue can set in which can make it harder to sleep.

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Try to stay away from the alcoholic beverages, alcohol will only make the liver worse, and that’s the last thing you need hurting your liver. Taking medication is another form of treatment to combat the illness just make sure you understand the side effects of any medication you are taking. Another treatment option which is mainly for a more sever case of hepatitis is a liver transplant. There are also interferon injections which is noted in the article as said “Interferon alfa-2b (Intron A) is a man-made version of a substance produced by the body to fight infection. It’s used mainly for young people with hepatitis B” (mayo clinic staff 2017).

Keeping up with your wellness behaviors can lower your risk or progression of the disease. When keeping up with your physical state you can resist disease and by how you eat and what you drink and how much of those things you do. If you aren’t in physical shape and just drink a lot of alcohol this can lead to problems being in a great physical state can drastically lower your risk. If your emotions are all over the place this can lead to do things you wouldn’t do under other certain circumstances, such as a lover. Make sure your emotions can be controlled and you don’t let your self-esteem go. However, if you are stricken with hepatitis make sure your you can mentally adapt to your situation and find out and learn about how to treat your disease, see a physician keep your mental in good health.

The environment around you can cause many different outcomes, try to avoid situations where you can be at risk of catching the disease, drugs, and high crime areas, if you have the disease create an environment where it is calm and cool and very relaxing, so you can get the rest you need. Sometimes faith, is all you need to get through somethings, value what’s more important in life which is your health be in a very good spiritual atmosphere. In the wake of something so drastic you may need to rely on friends or family to get you through a tough time with the disease or keeping a health social life to lower the risk. Maybe you need you mom or best friend comforting you in a time of need this can help significantly in your progression. Make sure your financials are in order, so you can afford the type of good medication to help lower the progression of the disease even if that involves getting a transplant. These types of things can cost a lot of money so having this in place will take a little stress from you while you combat the ill ness.

Whatever your occupation is make sure that it may let you take a leave of work in case of a sudden emergency like this illness, make sure this won’t be a burden as your try to recover and gain your health back. Hepatitis is disease that if no taking care can cause severe health in the long run. Make sure to lower your risk by vaccinations and preventions by how much alcohol you may consume. Keep a good wellness behavior and knowledge of your health. Always remember the most important thing in life is your health.

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Hepatitis Awareness and Wellness
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