Group Art Activity on Land

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This picture belongs to my birthplace and where I spent my childhood which is Punjab (India). Most people are belonging to the Sikhism religion. Many tourists visit every year in Punjab. This land is also called a tourist place. Punjab is thought of as Agriculture Head. This land has given me a lot in childhood. Many memories are connected to this land. It is a special feature of land that satisfies the villagers with the needs of their life. Children have protected our customs and traditions.

There is a unique closure between the elders and the young generations. People in Punjab are not reluctant to help others in any situation. Golden Temple (Amritsar) is one of the foremost vital spiritual places for the religion. Punjabi Bhangra (Dance) and Punjabi songs are famous within the country. This picture shows that some men are harvesting. This is being done in April. Wheat is being sown this season. Punjab is the highest producer of Wheat in India.

It is also celebrated as a festival that’s referred to as Baisakhi. It is also regarded as the place of festivals that as Lohri, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan etcetera.

The atmosphere of Punjab is very different, as it is very cool in the winter and is very hot in summer. People here are living their lives in agriculture In Punjab; there are natural vegetables and fruit eaters that protect us from many diseases. Our Punjab keeps us away from things that are adulterating. At present, the names of Punjabis within the country and abroad respect Punjabis everywhere.

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Many people also have to admit that there will never be any problems when living Punjabi is living there. This land has given us the courage to live with all kinds of emotions and teaches us to live for others. In the caste system in Punjab, the female cast was considered inferior, the poor people were harassed, which is now very low, with the help of many government schemes, it is today given equal status for all, such as poor children and backward classes get Free Education, Various Women’s Facilities etcetera. Lastly, I would like to say that I am very proud that I am a girl of Punjab.

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