Griselda GarciaProfessor Tara L HaneySociology 21 S219August

Griselda Garcia

Professor Tara L Haney

Sociology (21 S219)

August 11,2019

Social Observations Research Paper

It was a Saturday afternoon, on August 3, and I was visiting my father in NJ. While my husband and I were there we decided to go to Jersey Garden Mall. When we arrived at the mall we were both hungry and we decided to sit down to eat at the food court. While we sat there I felt that this would be a place I could observe many aspects of Sociology.

So I started looking around and began to observe many different concepts from sociological perspectives. I observed that there was something different about different groups of people. These concepts included: social groups and their function in society, discrimination against certain groups, culture, and ethnicity.

While I sat there looking around I saw different ethnicities, while some were eating, others were praying or shopping. Something that caught my attention was two Muslims dressed in black kneeling and praying near women’s bathroom.

Everyone who passed by looked at them and started muttering among themselves. I started to think about why? Why do people like to discriminate against others why?. It’s possibly due to these people being prejudiced nondiscriminators, commonly defined as “…those who hold racist beliefs but don’t act upon them…” (Introduction to Sociology 228). I also observed that the people muttering were generally white, so another possible explanation for their actions is colorism. This makes sense because, in my observations, it was evident “…someone believes one type of skin tone is superior or inferior to another within a racial group” (Introduction to Sociology 228) While having observed this before, I never realized that this was discrimination.

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“While prejudice refers to biased thinking, discrimination consists of actions against a group of people.Discrimination can be based on age,religion,health,and others indicators; raced-based laws againts discrimination strive to address this set of a social problem”(Introduction to Sociology 228).

What I found was that “Racial Profiling: Overview, Racial profiling is a law enforcement and security agency practice that encourages officers to stop, search, and investigate people based on race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. While racial profiling is most commonly committed against ethnic minorities, many instances of racial profiling occur in reaction to specific crimes, making any racial or cultural group subject to more intensive scrutiny by the authorities” (Quezzaire, Pilar, DiLascio, Tracey M) groups that identify themselves as racial or ethnic minorities are not conformed in total uniformity.

As I began to look around again, a group of four young girls sitting at tables dress we short pants and white shirts, sharing dinner and conversation with one another. I noticed that they were different nationally one look Latina and the others Azian. But all four interact differently,

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