Global warming is killing our planet

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Things these days are extremely different than they were thirty years ago. We have come up with so many new products, medicines, and means of transportation. You would think that as time goes by, we would be changing for the better, fixing past mistakes and all. I personally believe that the world has, in fact, changed for the worse because of global warming, technology, and sex trafficking.

One factor causing our to become worse and worse every day is global warming.

We know global warming is killing our planet, and we know it’s caused by humans, yet we as a whole are not doing much of anything to diminish it. Global warming is basically the condition of having too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which traps heat and warms the planet. Global warming poses as a serious problem to in our future generations if we continue down this path of or destroying our planet. One extreme problem approaching with global warming is a crisis in farming.

It is linked to intense drought periods and severe weather, like powerful rain and snow storms. Data shows that family farms produce about 80% of the world’s food. With drastic weather conditions like that, it will become very difficult for farmers to grow crops productively, which in turn, can cause a shortage of food within our future generations. Another major problem extending from global warming are the melting ice caps. As they melt, sea levels rise, which can cause flooding all along the coasts.

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Some damage is already done, but if we can find a way to cut down on emissions, and end deforestation, we may have a chance to help our future offspring. Global warming is one of the biggest issues the world faces, and because we fail to take it seriously, I consider it a big factor contributing to making the world worse.

Another factor causing our Earth to become worse is technology. Combined with lenient parenting, technology has a serious impact on our youth and generation these days. Being a waitress, I have personally served families with children whose faces are buried in their phones or tablets. Technology is getting more and more advanced as time goes by, which is a great for many reasons. It becomes more of a negative element when children are not monitored and limited on usage time. Too much usage can lead to underdevelopment of the brain, and problems with sleep. I know this first hand because I used to play on my phone in bed every single night and would always struggle with sleep issues. Another reason technology is ruining the world today is because of social media. Popular sites that people my age use often include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These sites are great for sharing pictures and statuses with friends, but it also comes with some adverse effects. These effects can include a lower self-esteem, corrupted privacy, problems with social skills, and promotes sexual pornography and behaviors, especially on our youth. Our younger generations appear to have a lack of imagination and appreciation for nature and the outdoor world around them. The solution to this is simple, but very complex at the same time, considering it is basically up to parents to prevent such problems. Parents basically need to monitor their child’s phone, and the time they are on it. Technology combined with the lack of parental control is one serious factor making me believe our world is going downhill.

Finally, a third factor causing me to believe our world has changed for the worse is sex trafficking. This is a chilling topic for me, considering it happens right in my own hometown. Currently, human trafficking is among the biggest industries in the world. Sex trafficking is basically slavery, and means to force or coerce someone to commit sexual acts. The majority of victims are young girls, minors, and are typically kidnapped and transported for money. Traffickers frequently find their victims through social media or the internet, neighborhoods, clubs, and schools. The most common ages of victims are fourteen to sixteen years old, and there are more human slaves right now than ever recorded in history. It is a huge, terrifying issue in the world right now, and especially through the use of technology, it has become easier than ever before to find new, vulnerable victims. Until we can figure out a way to stop it, I feel it will continue to happen and get worse as technology advances. Sex trafficking is the biggest reason I believe the world is getting worse.

In conclusion, I feel that we have a lot of work ahead of us, but it is very possible if we all come together as a whole and try to prevent some of these issues. Our planet is dying, and it is so incredibly sad that it is because of us. We need to make a change. Otherwise, global warming, technology, and sex trafficking are going to continue to be factors on why I believe our world has, in fact, changed for the worse.

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