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Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and social media influencer who got his start by working at his family’s wine business and becoming a wine critic. This analysis will focus on his social media activity from his accounts during 2/2/19-2/16/19. Gary Vee is very active on many different social media like Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. He posts 1 video every day on Youtube and an average of 4 posts daily on Instagram and an average of 19 tweets on Twitter.

Gary’s Youtube video average about 121,930 views daily and a range of 110,000 to 1.5 Millon views on Instagram videos depending on the content. Gary’s Instagram posts average 77,898 likes per post 2, with 169 comments per post, and a daily average of 738 favorites and 167 retweets on Twitter. His followers continue to grow daily with Youtube averaging 1,603 new subscribers, Instagram averaging 8,020 new followers, and Twitter averaging 550 new followers.

Gary Vee is very big on keeping this straightforward and conducting himself in a very friendly manner.

He treats everyone as if he has known them for years and does not hesitate to give advice. Gary is also known for his keynote speeches where he can be perceived as very motivated. Gary’s key messages on his social media are you should be doing what you love, you should always be pushing yourself to be your best self, and never live life in regret. Gary is very big on pushing yourself and doing things for yourself to make yourself happy. Gary’s content ranges from motivational speeches to business strategies to him showing his everyday hustle life.

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Gary’s best day on Youtube regarding views during this period was 2/10 with his video that day gaining 177,075 views and regarding new subscribers was 2/11 gained 1917 new subsctheirribers. The video posted on 2/10 was about Instagram marketing which he is very good at and is known for his business content. Gary’s best day on Instagram regarding new followers was 2/12 with him gaining 15,326 new followers and regarding views was 2/08 with him getting 1.5 million views on a video. The Instagram video that received 1.5 million views was about how Gary can push himself to be the businessman he is. He states in that video that what keeps him going is perception and gratitude.

Gary’s content strategy is unlike any strategy I have seen before. The majority of his content is micro-content. Gary will take content from his Youtube videos, keynote speeches, and podcasts and make them into micro-content to be posted on other social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. I would say that about 90% of Gary’s post is effective in reaching their target audience and goal interactions. One example that shocked me that didn’t do as well as expected was his video titled “Are Super Bowl Commercials Worth the Price? | Knotch x VaynerX Event” posted on 2/13 which only got 20,264 views. Gary is very known for his marketing and business tactics so it was surprising to me that that video got less than 83% of the average views. Gary’s social media strategy is incredible in its way that it is very audience-based. Gary hasn’t had controversies and isn’t controversial. I think something about him that people might find controversial is the fact that he curses frequently in his content.

Gary posted a great number of posts regarding the Super Bowl. The majority of Super Bowl content was posted on Twitter with him posting more than 10 times about the event as well as him tagging his company, VaynerSports which had a Super Bowl party. On Instagram, he posted a compilation video of VaynerSports Super Bowl party which contained videos of performers and images with fans as well as tags for their accounts that got 28,684 likes. Gary’s best interactions regarding the Super Bowl were on Twitter as well as his best strategy. Gary tweeted out a tweet on 2/3 that said “ My super bowl Commercial #garyveeSuperBowlAd” along with a video attached stating that he would send money to people randomly if they dropped their Venmo account in the replies of the tweet. The tweet had 3,111 retweets, 3,594 likes, and 3,200 comments. Gary gained 275 new followers that day and 2,174 followers the day after. Gary received over 4,000 requests for money on Venmo. He then turned his SuperBowl weekend experience into a 4-hour Youtube video which received 34,345 views as well as a 4-hour podcast episode.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s content strategy is what makes him very unique in my opinion. I am on social media for a good amount of time a week and I constantly come across his content on all different types of social media. I haven’t seen his strategy done before and clearly, it is working out for him. Gary’s interactions on his content are high and he continues to push out new content on all social media every day which is something many social media influencers are not doing. I am very interested to see how his social media interactions increase or decrease over the semester.

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