Final Report of Nike Marketing

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Company Description

NIKE, Inc. locks in within the plan, improvement, promoting, and deal of athletic footwear, attire, embellishments, gear, and administrations. It works through the taking after sections: North America; Europe, Center East & Africa; More prominent China; and Asia Pacific & Latin America; Worldwide Brand Divisions; Speak; and Corporate. The North America; Europe, Center East & Africa; More prominent China; and Asia Pacific & Latin America sections alludes to the plan, improvement, showcasing, and offering of athletic footwear, attire, and hardware.

The Worldwide Brand Divisions speaks to NIKE Brand authorizing businesses. The Speak section plans, markets, licenses, and offers casual shoes, attire, and extras. The company was established by William Jay Bowerman and Philip H. Knight in 1964 and is headquartered in Beaverton.

Swot Analysis

The SWOT of Nike discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the leading footwear brand.

Strengths in the SWOT Analysis of Nike

  • Nike is the world’s no. 1 shoemaker. It plans and offers shoes for an assortment of sports counting baseball, golf, cheerleading, volleyball, tennis and football.

  • Nike employments a Make to Stock client arrange which gives a quick benefit to clients from accessible stock.
  • Nike works Nike Town shoe and sportswear stores, Nike manufacturing plant outlets and Nike Ladies shops. Nike offers its items all through US and in more than 180 countries
  • Nike is solid at investigate and improvement, as is prove by its advancing and imaginative item extend. They at that point make wherever they can deliver tall quality item at the most reduced conceivable price.

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Weaknesses in the SWOT Analysis of Nike:

  • The salary of the commerce is still intensely subordinate upon its share of the footwear advertise. This may take off it powerless on the off chance that for any reason its showcase share.
  • The retail division is exceptionally cost touchy. In any case, most of its salary is inferred from offering into retailers. Retailers tend to offer a really comparable encounter to the consumer.

Opportunities in the SWOT Analysis of Nike

  • Product improvement offers Nike numerous openings. The brand is furiously guarded by its proprietors whom genuinely accept that Nike isn’t a mold brand be that as it may buyers that wear Nike item don’t continuously purchase it to take part in sport. In youth culture particularly, Nike may be a design brand. This makes it possess opportunities

Threats in the SWOT Analysis of Nike

  • The showcase for sports shoes and pieces of clothing is exceptionally competitive. Competitors are creating elective brands to require absent Nikes advertise share.

Product (Footwear) Description

Shoes are Nike’s lead item. The company fabricates distinctive shoes for a wide assortment of sports, such as ball, football, golf, soccer, baseball, snowboarding, hockey, tennis and volleyball. It moreover makes shopper design shoes such as Mary Janes and flip-flops. Nike shoes are outlined for proficient sports execution as well as for aesthetics.

Competitor Analysis


Worldwide revenue  $16 billion.

Brand valuation  $7 billion.

Adidas is one of the tops most Nike Competitors. One of the key advantages of Adidas is that it operates via both the Adidas brand and also has a strong subsidiary in Reebok.


Worldwide Revenue – $3 billion.

Brand valuation – $1 Billion.

Reebok is a subsidiary company of Adidas which operates independently. Reebok is known for its excellent design for sports footwear. Some of the really cool shoes from Reebok were the Reebok Reezig, Reebok Pump and others.


Revenue 3.4 billion dollars

Puma is the third Nike competitor which is known for its running shoes as well as apparels and Clothing. Interestingly, the founder of Adidas and the founder of Puma were brothers.


Fila is also one of the largest manufacturing companies of Sports footwear and is one of the top competitors of Nike. However, Fila is not as premium as Nike and its products are known be cheaper than the top three brands.

Under Armour

Brand value  4 billion dollars

Under armour has a tremendous brand valuation because of its fantastic sales in the US market. Under armour is the official uniforms provider for American football, 50 countries across the globe and is known to have a premium brand image. Basketball as well as American Soccer. Besides this, it Basketball as well as American Soccer.


K-swiss is again an American footwear brand but one which is concentrated towards tennis shoes and Sneakers. It specializes in these two types of sporting shoes. The company wants itself to be recognized as the go to brand for Tennis players and Tennis lovers.

NIKE Segmentation

Nike is unique in the fact that they have a very general targeted demographic segment –their stated target market is “all athletes”. However, this does not mean Nike does not use market segmenting to more precisely define various market segments.


Demographic segmentation is a factor used by Nike to effect in such a way that it directly spanks the gonadotropins. Although with clothing and sports the market can be broad, for the most part Nike objectively targets consumers who are more relevant to the cause of approach but can synthetically call for epidemic cohabitation in society but is irreplaceable in terms of it.


Nike uses geographic segmentation to market nations, regions, cities, and population density differently. For example, in the United States Nike focuses on American football and baseball and creates and deploys many advertisements and marketing campaigns about football and baseball products using athletes specific to those sports. However, the systematic approach never gets to distinguish between behavioral to disgusting nonsystematic view so that our guyton didn’t get used to it but in quiet a non-agreeable way.


Behavioral segmentation, Nike seeks to build customer loyalty. In such competitive market Nike administers to customer equality and at the same time managing product quality. Behavioral mechanism often involves retarded people as those studying in our prestigious university.


Nike also uses psychographic segmentation to target individuals with specific lifestyles and personalities. To use this variable effectively Nike must target individuals who enjoy sports. Whether Nike brand is clinical and product marketing up to the mark but cannot disguise its psychodynamic juggling along with bibliophile along with ambivert.

Target Marketing

Nike targets the buyers who are likely to create item closeness; those who care more approximately the utility and quality of the item than the cost. In this way, the estimating isn’t influenced as well much in a offered to oblige a huge number of buyers. Their primary center to target the shoppers competitors and other sportsmen. The focusing on procedures incorporate among others the sponsorship of items by proficient athletic groups, celebrity competitors and college athletic groups. The company moreover centers on ladies clients.

Pricing Strategies

This component of the showcasing blend recognizes the costs that the company applies to maximize benefits whereas pulling in the required share of the multinational showcase. Nike’s ventures in innovation is connected with a methodology to offer its items at a premium. Still, the company considers current advertise conditions in setting its cost focuses and cost ranges. Based on these contemplations for this 4P variable, the following pricing strategies are applied in Nike Inc. business:

  • Value-based pricing strategy
  • Premium pricing strategy
  • Value-based pricing strategy: Nike uses good value pricing strategy to offer the right combination of quality and good services to fair prices.
  • Premium pricing strategy: Nike focus on premium pricing strategy because they give the good quality product. They increase prices for special footwear products to maximize their profit.

Market Positioning

As you all know that Nike has situated itself within the intellect of its target client as a pioneer in sports field since of their products. Nike has made such items like Football, Shoes, Cricket Bats, Cricket packs etc. It has specialty showcase related to all sports. Nike has its claim motto which is Tick Check (?) which suggests JUST DO IT. This motto is made an offer to their target clients to purchase more their item which offer assistance their clients in inspiration, motivation & certainty. Which make an extraordinary affect in competitor industry. It indicating positive articulation toward their situating in sports industry for each genuine competitor Nike gives idealize sports items that donate tall certainty for long-lasting sports action.

These are the following positioning strategies of Nike:

  • Intensify athletic lifestyle & fantasy in consumers mind.
  • Appealing style & positive attitude.
  • Position itself as premium brand with well-designed products.
  • Appealing good quality level & valuable products in market.


As we all know that Nike may be a gigantic brand and has its awesome advertise esteem in around the world. Nike items are conceded by other multi brand store particularly its shoes stores are around the world. Nike has around 20,000 retail accounts in USA & they offers Nike product more than 200 nations around the world. Within the international market, autonomous merchants, licenses & dies down offer nearly all items within the advertise. The company has fabricating facilities worldwide which incorporates Asia, client benefit & other operational units, Nike Promoting Mix. Nike incorporates a long-term arrange to grow their trade by opening more stores and establishments to reach their target clients to expand maximum buyers. Within the Nike Town store, shops, establishments offer sheep dramatic skill interested sufficient to do whatever. Nike town stores can take the whole city square & clients can feel like future situated. Which incorporates essential shoes stores made amid each boosting chandeliers Nike items possible?

Nike town items offer a total involvement. These stores have all the items but will not remain there once more which make a vital involvement for their clients to bring them back once more & once more. Nike has caution approximately their (4Ps) within the worldwide showcase. Within the worldwide advertise Nike has autonomous wholesalers to offer its item. Nike has the technique to diminish the taken a toll of their item; they outsource their item with China, from developing countries in Asia such as Vietnam. Nike features a awesome esteem in online showcase, Nike is doing more commerce through E-Commerce and their interesting offering point is that they are giving customized benefit of shoes which make incredible affect to their clients that they can plan their shoes agreeing to their mind. Nike has a few particular dissemination outlets & employments them for conveyance of its items. Following are the majored ones:

  1. Nike Town Shop: In big cities of countries, Nike’s outlets are there to serve their customers on their demanding products.
  2. Flagship Stores: Nike has contracted with retail stores that have label of flagship of Nike which serve with high volume of Nike’s products to customers.
  3. Nikkei: It’s a Nike’s online store that is website which serves the customers of all over the world with their unique customization service.
  4. Big Retail Discount Stores: The big Stores of country also serve with some high demand Nike products for the target customers. All these have availability of Nike’s product, consumers who want Nike’s product can get required product from this unique distribution method of Nike.


The promotion strategy of Nike is very effective because Nike attracts new customers and creates balance between keeping existing customers.; Nike uses Commercials, celebrities or billboards as ways to make its target customer aware about its offers. Nike also sponsors events such as FIFA football and other sports. Nike’s brand images, the Nike name and the trademark swoosh; make it one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Nike targets its consumer through newspaper, advertisement, personal selling, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relation, and social media.


Nike employments celebrities to speak to item to the Perfect client. Greatly Popular Identities Such as proficient competitors utilized as advertising the Nike’s items. Target clients are observing their favorite celebrities utilize the company’s items. Such as Brazilian football group, like Nike particularly Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos are as brand ministers of Nike; Lebrun James, Tiger Woods and Spear Armstrong cycling golf are number of celebrated competitors and utilized by Nike as celebrity support procedure to advance its items. Nike centers on other countries sportsman as Brand envoy for making its all target clients of all nations mindful almost its offers.

Personal Selling

For individual offering, Nike prepared staff to assist customers to discover the proper items to advance the Nike Company through personalized service. The stores offer staff’s offer assistance for clients to memorize more almost the company’s items and to buy these items. Clients feel great almost buying Nike items.

Direct Marketing

When Nike advance unused item to the target showcase, they utilize coordinate promoting through deals people, certain organization and people. Nike employments coordinate showcasing to set up more grounded relations with target clients and persuade them to buy the company’s items.

Sales Promotions

Nike uses coupon and special offers to promote its product. They are using discount coupons to showing that Nike also wants benefits of its consumer to motivate the customers to buy the products of Nike.

Public Relations

The company depends on social issues such as the utilize of workshops and green innovation that utilize open relations to manage. Nike may utilize comparable charity occasions and open relations exercises as a sponsor, so they have distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”a distant better recognition of the brand, the brand employments to fathom issues and advance open relations.

Social Media

Nike is one of the greatest brands within the world and thus has been a huge shock taken after on social media. As a sports brand and for advancement Nike spends tremendous venture on social media. Nike has as of late utilized a few social media communication blend for its advancement of items where clients are permitted to require advantage of the campaign, by taking activity in social location to share photographs of themselves call this statistic youth to illustrate their sports aptitudes by uploading them, where the Champs will get $ 500in cash or a grant.

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