Evidence Confirming Solomon's Authorship

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According to Estes, what four pieces of evidence support the Solomonic authorship of this poem? Review one other encyclopedia, dictionary, or commentary for further support and explain what you found. Cite the extra source.

Four pieces of evidence support Solomonic authorship. One is the reference in the book to Solomon. Another is the language, grammar, and style match what is found in the early poetry. Another is the historical narrative of the Old Testament describes Solomon as the author. Lastly, the book reflects a setting in a unified Israel.

It fits the reign of Solomon. He is referenced as the main person, so it has led people to believe he is the author.

Review chapter 1 of Song of Solomon and note the verse references where metaphors and similes are present. Then identify each as either a simile or metaphor and then explain their meanings (what is the simile or metaphor saying?). You need to identify at least 8 of these techniques.

In verse 2, it is comparing the love to wine but even better – metaphor.

Verse 3, it is stating that “your name is oil” is – a metaphor. In verse 5, it says the daughters like the tents of Kedar – simile. Verse 9 states that she is a pharaoh’s chariots – simile. Verse 13 says that she is like medicine – simile. In verse 14 he is being compared to a cluster of henna blossoms – metaphor. Verse 15 “she has eyes as doves” – simile.

Using a Bible atlas, encyclopedia, or dictionary, identify the following geographical sites mentioned in this poem.

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First, note the location/place of each site and then explain what made this location significant in the biblical world: Lebanon (3:9; 4:8); Tirzah (6:4); Gilead (4:1; 6:5); Mt. Carmel (7:5); and Hermon (4:8). Cite your source(s).

  • Lebanon (3:9, 4:8) Lebanon is north of Israel. The cedars that were from Lebanon were the best in these times.
  • Tirzah (6:4) Tirzah was then the capital of the North Kingdom. Because it was the capital city, it was filled with majesty and beauty.
  • Gilead (4:1, 6:5) Gilead was an area east of the Jordan. This area was used for herding sheep.
  • Mt Carmel (7:5) This is in the North West area of Israel. This area was held to the standard of special religious significance.
  • Hermon (4:8) Is the mountain in Northern Israel.

For this homework I used:

The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible – Abingdon Press, The Expositor’s Bible commentary – Temper Longman III & David E. Garland, Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible – Freedman, and The Biblical Illustrator – Baker.

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