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TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction of the project PAGEREF _Toc430843 h 2Ethics PAGEREF _Toc430844 h 2Wipro – Introduction and ethical standards & practices PAGEREF _Toc430845 h 2Discussion 1 PAGEREF _Toc430846 h 2Discussion 2 PAGEREF _Toc430847 h 3Discussion 3 PAGEREF _Toc430848 h 3Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc430849 h 3References PAGEREF _Toc430850 h 4

Introduction of the projectThis project is all about finding the ethical practices in the organisation that can be used as a best-case model for other business organisations. For this, I have chosen Wipro limited of Australia for analyse ethical leadership in an organisation.

In this project, the qualities of the organisations leaderships are discussed, effect of their leadership and management styles on the organization and leadership’s decisions concerning communication, motivation, and control within an organization.

EthicsEthics is a word originated from the Greek word ‘Ethikos’ which means arising from habit. It is asset of standards that prescribe to humans about what is morally right and wrong. Similarly, ethical leadership is a leadership in which an individual has its obligations, to maintain integrity, trust, dignity and fairness in the organization.

The decision-making ability is one of the most important parameter of an individual leadership capabilities and it should be morally acceptable. Nowadays, many of the organizations have their code of business ethics that is a set of beliefs to guide business code of conduct (Deigh, 2010).

Wipro – Introduction and ethical standards & practicesWIPRO is the multinational software giant tech company, which has its branches in all over the world.

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The company first establish its business code of conduct in 1970’s. Some of the business ethics initiatives taken by WIPRO such as; (Leigh, 2013)

Discussion 1Integrity: in this manual WIPRO defined its set of rules to conduct business with their customers. The guidelines help the members of Wipro to take decisions in a tough situation. They may face in day-to-day execution of the business and help them to satisfy their customer with its service.

Wipro SOS: It is a helpline, which comprises the senior members of the organisation including its chairperson. They are always available for guidance on any moral, legal or ethical issues.

Wipro ombudsprocess: This process acquainted freedom to employees to disclose any information without fear, if he believes malpractices, unethical and unsavoury happenings in the organization for the sake of prevention of any future ramifications.

Environment protection & sustainability: Wipro has taken its step towards the guarantee condition of the vulnerable environment by the implementation of its green building project and the augmentation of its best practices in IT infrastructure to curb carbon foot prints. The initiatives like rainwater harvesting, water recycling, solid waste management through land filling has been successfully proved in the containment of the abysmal condition of the environment (Wipro, 2018).

Education and health care: Wipro works also as a not for profit initiatives in providing short and long term benefits in the field of healthcare, education and other social welfare programmes. Wipro care focuses to ensure the wellness of the vulnerable communities by providing them healthcare service, disaster rehabilitation and education. Similarly, mission 10 x focuses to make engineering education system bolster and providing needs to develop and evolve the teaching learning process and ensures the employment of the newbies. Therefore, they can benefit the society as a whole (Wipro, 2018).

Discussion 2There is positive impact of the leadership and management styles that is autocratic, democratic and laissez faire on organisational employees as it improves the performance of the employees and creating efficiency on an organisation that will completely embraced the effective leadership styles. They follow democratic style of effective leadership that is superiors consider subordinates while making decisions of an organisation (Igbaekemen & Odivwri, 2015).

Discussion 3The decisions of leaders is concerning about communication, motivation and controlling as they communicate the decisions taken in an organization, which will motivate employees to work effectively and superiors can control their work effectively and efficiently (, 2019).

ConclusionIt is concluded that Wipro has not taken a pause yet, it continues with new initiatives and programs for the welfare of the society. The dream of a successful implementation of the number of initiatives and the code of business ethics would be its dream if there were any parity of willingness in the leadership. Undoubtedly, there would have been a great leadership involved in those process and achievements.

Yes, I am alluding towards the chairperson of the Wipro limited. He is one of the renowned business tycoon and well reorganised for his simplicity and philanthropic work. He gave away his half of wealth by signing the giving pledge. This apparently shows that chairperson and his organisation have focused upon the ethical standards and social welfare. They set an example to promote and disseminate the education, healthcare and alleviate the social inequality through their welfare initiatives and programmes. Their organisation could be the role model for various other organisations and leaders in the world.

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