Entertainment As A Way to Achieve Interaction With Others

Entertainment isn’t all that As we grow up entertainment has been a major influence on society as a whole, whether it is television, music, reading, plays, art, or even the way you can interact with others. You can find beauty in the most simple things in entertainment and even the darkest things. Humans all have that one thing they love to do when they need a day to relax, but they may never know the impact it has on humans and the way they perceive it.

Although some people believe entertainment is a way to achieve interaction with others and has made a positive impact on society, but it isn’t because it has a tremendous impact on humans such as the way they see themselves, the negative way they interact with others, and it can homogenize culture. Firstly, People have gained this new sense of how to perceive themselves and others and it isn’t just from personal development or the way they grew up, but it’s also from entertainment.

When you go and pick up a magazine it’s so hard to not notice the “perfect slim girl” or the “flawless skin women”, we as a society are so quick to break down others in order to say this is what “real” beauty looks like. Beauty comes in different types of form, not just one, and our entertainment needs to realize how harsh it’s when you see them pick the slim girl over the bigger girl.

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For instance, the well-known store Abercrombie and Fitch, the creator had made a statement when people where tearing his store down about how it doesn’t have a variety of sizes. The creator has the nerve to go on and say, “My clothing is created for smaller girls not bigger ones, when I came in with the mindset of making a clothing store, it was targeted for more petite people.” This created a huge controversy because many were hurt and believed they had to change for the media. It’s sad that someone in the entertainment business would be okay with stating that, instead of firing back, or fixing the problem.

Humans are so much more than a number, or the way they look, and they should not rely on the media to tell them who they need to be, it’s up to them. Secondly, Interacting with others is an essential for life because without it we wouldn’t be able to communicate basic needs, but with the entertainment business being around it creates a problem in interaction. A lot of tv shows now a day are so full of drama, money, and overall being better than one another. For example, the show Keeping up with the Kardashians is so drama filled that people are always talking about it. Yeah, it’s sometimes fun to sit down and watch it for a laugh, but it can really put some negative vibes in your life. From personal experience I have watched people turn into someone I would never think could be.

A person I truly respect who later lost my respect, due to the lack of empathy and making sure others knew she was better than others because she had money, or the looks.  First, Money isn’t all that, sure it will help you financially but the real goal is to be successful, instead of just being handed stuff without actually working for it. Entertainment is creating this new person that people aren’t, and it makes them look like a monster. Humans need interaction, but when you are willing to put others lower than yourself then that really hurts one another. This also can lead to less human interaction, the more we are focused on others unrealistic lives on tv.

Thirdly, before mass media, art and culture were more localized, so they reflected diversity in how people would speak, dress, and entertain themselves. This is called homogenizing culture, which takes away the importance of allowing others to think, feel, and invent. This also includes other people, not just those that already have power, it creates a wide variety of new things. Furthermore, in the entertainment business, those with power tend to use it in a negative and brutal way such as President Trump, who has used his power to get away with many offense things. Power doesn’t give you the right to categorize people and put labels on them. This society needs more people in the entertainment who genuinely will use their power for good and useful things.

The entire world often sees and hears the same cultural influences. Of course, diversity still exists, there is the risk that mass media might reduce cultural variety, leaving the world with less art and fewer inspirations. Some people may argue that entertainment business is allowing people to express themselves, but entertainment is only putting our society at risk and making people forget who they are. Despite the good things entertainment has provided the world, the bad things overpower it. Overall, we can continue to have our favorite shows, the music we jam out to, or the magazines we pay monthly for, but what are we as a society going too to make sure the media gets better? Have you noticed it’s always focused on the negatives, and never the positives?

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