Novel "Empty Mile" by Matthew Stokoe

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Johnny is back. He wants to put his guilt and make amends for what he has previously left damaged eight years now to blame Johnny especially at the fate of his brother Stan. He was an intelligent lad, until the day in his twelfth year when Johnny left him alone am Waldsee, to indulge in a bit away undisturbed Marla and love. A hair Stan would have drowned. Since the accident he has fallen back to the mental state of a child, a lovable Simpels.

Also, Gareth, his best friend, Johnny has harmed by stretched out his girlfriend Marla. The girl had here devious it after a hard childhood and youth in Los Angeles as an orphan in the Sierra Nevada, in the sleepy town of Oakridge in the valley of Swallow River. She had found work as a waitress, met the enterprising Gareth relative with him an apartment, and both made plans for a future together with children. When Johnny took it away Gareth were friends from enemies.

A year later returned Johnny his hometown Oakridge back. He left deprived of their life perspective brother Stan with his single father Ray and Marla to begin in London a new unvorbelastetes life. But guilt can not simply displace itself.

Now Johnny is so back. But even in Oakridge, the world has turned in eight years. As easy to build on what was the enemy rich the olive branch of peace that will not succeed. For because the past is not forgotten, ferment among the gracious surface supposedly renewed friendship and partnership jealousy, envy and revenge.

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Gareth lives with his wheelchair-bound father David on a bungalow park near the lake outside of Oakridge. In this plant they had invested their entire fortune to enter at large into the tourism business. But they reckoned without the host. The City Council, led by Bill Prentice, the richest man in the hole, tilt the planned access road. To make ends meet, Gareth rented his motel by the hour and is active as a pimp. With his former girlfriend Marla, he also forces into prostitution, it combines a complicated relationship between extortion, bondage and love.

Johnny’s brother Stan has now grown into a chubby guy with horn-rimmed glasses and pomade in their hair. He holds a menial job at the garden center by Bill Prentice, dances for his life like and contributes in the house most like Batman or Captain America costumes in which he felt superhero powers.

Not even Father Ray is all around excited about the return of his firstborn. The past churn, tugging unpleasant to light that brings trouble. For in Oakridge, the epitome of a Provinzkaffs, everyone knows everyone, and behind the white curtains lurking human abysses. For example, the lonely, locked Ray meets secretly with Pat, Bill Prentice’s wife. As an anonymous you can get a DVD with perverse Sexaufnahmen where her husband is acting, the melancholy, sensitive woman puts her life with sleeping pills to an end.

Pat’s death all the dams break vulgar intrigue and deadly revenge moving into Oakridge. Everything seems on the harmless, innocent Stan to concentrate the tragic figure of the novel. No sooner has he brought a small business idea on the way, as a competitor is spreading. He has, however, far more than plants for rent in mind; the stranger turns out to be true avenging angel on behalf Pats.

In a rather complex and inconclusive consistently, but all the more exciting plot develops Matthew Stokoe in his novel ” Empty Mile ” Matthew Stokoe: “Empty Mile” at Cleverly binds author Matthew Stokoe the reader to all the figures, of course, his protagonist and narrator takes the central role. Johnny has bitterly experienced at the end of the novel, that there is something worse than his guilt, and he has an exceptional price to pay.

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