"Death Book" by Andreas Winkelmann

The case is clear and is set quickly to the files. Kathi Winkelmann wanted to commit suicide and was placed to the railway tracks. But the parents of sixteen see things differently than the police. Why on earth her daughter should have taken her carefree and sheltered life? Also Kathi uncle doubts the official interpretation. He always maintained a good relationship of trust with the lively and enterprising girls. You are a crime victim must become.

Now, this uncle no one else (as seen in the third person) as Andreas Winkelmann, in personal union author, fictional character and narrator of his thriller.

He describes in “Death Book” as determined in terms of his niece in a very unconventional way and reveals an incredible crime complex, which accesses from the Internet deadly to our real world.

A perverse serial killer murders not only brutal, but filming his actions and ensures the videos online. About an app they can download each applicant – it is sufficient to scan a QR code.

Of course, believes the unsuspecting viewer, the pure horror on his screen was a perfectly-made show. But before he know it, the voyeur puts himself deep in a deadly swamp, in the network of the killer, which he can not escape.

After downloading the horror film he is unquestioned received similar knitted people in a circle, all of which were susceptible to this special thrill, even if, as was in Kathi’s case, just a little curiosity behind it. Whether you like it or not: Now is a member of the “Death Book” and will have its own cinematic contribution deliver.

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He should surpass anything previously shown and delight the most demanding audiences. the film does not meet the expectations of its creators itself is determined to sacrifice and will, of course documented in HD have to suffer through terrible pain stations until it is finally released.

Sure, Andreas (the uncle) with advancing research increasingly comes into the focus of the psychopath, this book has Andreas Winkelmann (the author) created something new and Contemporary. The technical basis is broad and up to date as the specialized terminology of the chatters and surfers ( “Death 3.0”), the staff communicates via all possible technical channels and devices, and to the narrative perspectives are appropriately broken and varied. Until the layout of the effort is enough to modernity: emails, posts and instant messages in print imitate the styling of Facebook and Co. including User icon to. Full-page photos or -montagen bring more visual stimuli, but just as encounters a paperback its limits: How old looks like a grayscale printing from where but any cheap mobile phone has a color screen.

The other side the targeted timeliness is the time constraint: Facebook is among the youth again something uncool, and in a few years people will QR codes smile so kind as now in retrospect about “mobile-bone” Gameboy or grayscale pixels. But this book will find its market today and has long-term effect anything in mind.

Consider, then, the entertainment qualities of “Death Book”. Structured into ten “episodes”, there are the events of eighteen consecutive days. The vast majority of text passages are conventionally told, so come out the bottom line is an easily understandable, fast-paced, varied, exciting thriller with modern ingredients not just for techies. That the concept of chain letter-murder of a compatibility check would not quite stand up to the reality is verrrechnet with the successful thriller tension.

Interestingly Winkelmanns is figure drawing. The people who end up in the “Death Book” are young and hip; virtuosity they strum on their tablets and laptops and surf through software and Internet like fish in water. But at the same time they are superficial, credulous, headless, sometimes they lack the sense of responsibility for their own actions Darin unfortunately they resemble many real colleagues. All data abuse scandals and threats of spam, Trojans, phishing and spyware defiance – to social outing networks eager and click hesitation where a voucher Joke or Thrill lures. In contrast, the after all the tricks built into a hi-tech fanatic killer perfectionist turns at the end of the novel literary quite conventionally as a poor soul.


Truly innovative, this novel is not. It provides good entertainment for proven Thriller recipe and served it only with trendy decor. Ironically, one could make a moral to an end according to an ancient parable Convention: Stretches the cheeky hare his listeners too far from the grass, then the hunter would be.

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"Death Book" by Andreas Winkelmann
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