Copar Nursing, Herbal and Formulated Remedies Sample

Issues in relation to how to use herbal plants properly, poor hygienic practices of children, health risks during calamities and malnutrition on children were identified. Formulated remedies were taught in association with the residents. Together with the application of the fundamental concepts, knowledge, and principles of the nursing profession, needs and deficiencies perceived by the residents were addressed. The first priority for COPRA interventions was their lack of knowledge on how o use the herbal plants, and of what were the DOD approved herbal plants.

The surrounding area had a lot Of herbal plants growing. Even some Of the residents were growing some of it on their own backyards. The remedy we found fit being done was. We gathered all the residents, a simple lecture and demonstration about the types of herbal plants and how they should be properly used and prepared. There was great collaboration between us, and the residents. In fact they even gave additional insights on other herbal plants that we have just heard of on that day.

The second priority we have distinguished was the poor hygienic practices of children on the community.

Copar Nursing

Due to the lack of knowledge on how important proper hygiene is. Most of the children did not practice hygienic methods during meal times such as washing hands before eating. We were able to gather all the children on one place and discussed the importance of hygiene. For the children to understand better, the lecture was simple, and to keep it interesting we made illustrations for them to understand it easier.

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The third priority we have intervened was about health risks when calamities or disaster may arrive.

This is perhaps one of the most common problems in any community not only for the residents but as for the local bargain as well. Since due to the limited workers and wide spread communities per local bargain. Providing health teachings to each area is a burden. The remedy we found fit was a different gathering for us to do a lecture and demonstration on how to do first aid appropriately. In the lecture we have provided them some herbal plants was brought up again. Teaching them on how to use it in tandem with mom herbal plants.

The residents participated very well. We were able to correct their initial response on some injuries. Teaching them the proper remedy to be properly done. We have added some additional activities that we found important to do as well. Such as BP taking, and a seminar about Natural Family Planning. We did a lecture and demonstration on BP taking on one of the gatherings we done. Since hypertension is one of the problems in our country. It was best to teach them on how it is done. In our demonstration per resident had a student on his/her side.

Teaching them the proper positioning, what sound to hear for and when to start and end the measurement of the BP. The residents were very cooperative. It was a hand’s on activity for them, they were asked to take the BP of the students. So they would know the feeling in taking the BP of a person on a real setting. The second additional activity we have done was a seminar about Natural Family Planning. We were able to invite a speaker to discuss about the topic. In which it was in life of her work. Since the topic had some sensitive matters being discussed.

We prepared a more private location for the speaker and the residents to collaborate with privacy. Many already know the other ways of family planning. But as for some they would prefer the natural way. But the dilemma is they don’t know on how it is being properly. Their knowledge of the natural method is not that comprehensive. The speaker was able to discuss the topic in ways that the residents were able to relate better. They residents were able to understand the topic fairly quickly, and questions were being exchanged during the entire seminar to further clarify their thoughts.

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