Michelangelo vs Brian Bress Sculptures

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Michelangelo is a famous artist whose work on the statue of David has been acclaimed to be one of the best pieces of artistry. Its aims to depict the Biblical hero David about to go to battle with Goliath. Although outwardly it is just a standing fearless male nude, it represents the Florentine city-state affected by powerful opponents. Its creation was sparked by the desire by the authorities to put up an appropriate grand human figure out of the slender 17-feet tall stone marble.

Michael Angelo uses the human body to illustrate the political strength over their rivals. Michelangelo is attempting to show that David’s character is an essential element for his victory.

Michelangelo’s depiction of David’s is that of an anxious and prepared for combat soldier demonstrated by his furrowed brow, tight tendons in his neck as well as the muscles in his nose and lips(Summers 146). Brian Bress, on the other hand, strives to demonstrate the human body through contemporary art.

Beadman (Parker) is an animated titular character, fully wrapped in multi color beads, bouncing up and down in slow motion. Unlike Michaels David’s sculpture, there is more life to this art as demonstrated by the movement and the pompous color. This art has the real aim of capturing the heart of the sitter by his devotion to the smaller particulars of the sitter’s outer accouterments(Tassie). Proposing a belief that our context and our trappings somehow describe us, which is quite different from Michael Angelo sculptor that expresses freedom from social and political trappings through nudity.

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Bress rhythmic movement in his creations shows viewers that the mounted ethnographic museum objects were once alive with spirit and movement, which is quite similar to Michelangelo sculpture of David depiction of Davids state of mind. Michelangelo successfully depicts the human body through his sculpture of David, which shows that his body reflects the attitude he exhibits. The weight of David’s body is on his right leg whereas his left leg is relaxed this, causes his hips to shift resulting in one side being elevated than the other. Consequently, leading to David’s spine and midsection curving lightly, and a drop of his right arm underneath his left arm.

Michelangelo’s David has been fashioned with a herculean physique with his strength being shown through his healthy body, which reveals the future domination he will demonstrate. Michelangelo had great knowledge of the human body, which is illustrated in his creation of nudes and described by detailed figures covered within an outside shell (Summers 146). Similar to Bress art that relies on pareidolia, the human predisposition to see faces in inanimate objects. Bress gives life to his work when he gives them human shape by giving beaded curtains and abstractly painted canvases souls. Bress however unlike Michelangelo whose sculpture is developed beyond the distinct physical appearances Bress’s Beadsman Parker character is introduced by being hanged in a timeless state of monotonous being.

Bress character is succinct and instantly recognizable due to its blend of colour just like Michelangelo nude sculpture, which uses transparent colour to capture the interest of viewers. This clarity offers confidence among viewers, motivating them to be open to the different responses to the works, social critique, and psychological layers. However, unlike Michelangelo, the movement present in Bress Beadman Parker changes the energy of a typically static art like David’s Sculptor. Bress’s concept of action stimulates new approach in the artistry of contextualizing permanent collection objects (Tassie).


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