Child Due To Divorce

The individual that I have chosen to write about is Alecia Beth Moore, also known as “P!nk”. Here’s some background, P!nk is a singer/song writer, she got her name from the movie “Reservoir Dogs”, a film that she had seen in her childhood and whose character Mr. Pink is someone that her friends had agreed that she resembled. She was the second born who lived a relatively middle-class life, however she was a child of divorce that caused P!nk to become rebellious when she was young.

By the age of 14 P!nk had found peace in music and had already become an experienced vocalist and dancer and had stared to write her own songs. Eventually she was caught up in the drug scene and almost overdosed at the age of 15, where she then dropped out of high school before returning to get her GED in 1998.

Now that you know a little more about P! nk, I want to explain why I decided to choose her as my choice person.

I have listened to P!nks’ music ever since I was a little girl. When I was little I sang my heart out to her songs and I thought her voice was perfect without the help of equipment like other professional singers. Although I was a little girl I also listened to her lyrics and realized from very a young age that P!nk had life and meaning in the words that she was using in her songs, this made me look up to her.

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I found out later that her parents had gotten in a divorce as well, and at around the same age as mine had. This fact made me feel like I could relate and as I continued to listen to her music it made me calm throughout this rough time in my life.

I learned that P!nk had a very rough childhood that I could not relate to as much, but this didn’t stop me from loving her and her talent in music. The fact that P!nk overcame all the hard challenges in her childhood that came with the divorce of her parents inspired me to be like her and do better. P!nk had it way worse than me and she overcame her battles, so what was stopping me? As I have mentioned in prior papers, one of my main goals in to never get into a divorce. P!nk did get into a divorce with her husband, but later got back together with him and now have two children together and seem to be happy. This idea that once you divorce someone your life is ruined isn’t true! She has made the step and shown me that things can work out, even when you think that there’s nothing else you can do. I read a very interesting and quite honestly sad story ab

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