Characterization of the Narrator in Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison

Topics: 'invisible man'

The narrator in this case provides a clear focus and understanding of the sentiments made by his grandfather regarding the fact that he was a traitor and a spy to his people which is betrayal. The narrator tries to figure out how his grandfather betrayed his people by associating with the white something that he was being appreciated for doing perfectly. The narrator does not question the conduct of his grandfather rightly although there are many questions in his mind regarding the actions his grandfather had done to label himself as a traitor despite having a very low profile and never causing trouble to anyone.

The narrator has mixed feelings about what his grandfather said since he had known him differently when growing up and did not find any link between his actions with his words. He tries to figure out how interaction with the white amounted to treacherous activity for his people despite the efforts to create a better integrative society that appreciates diversity.

He tries to understand his actions in society and how he relates with the white people within the town and finds a link between his actions and his grandfather’s words. Even though he had wanted to focus on his actions rather than what other people say although the realization that the actions themselves were considered treacherous creates a huge issue within the thoughts of the narrator.

When the narrator says that he is an invisible man he means that he is the only one who can make decisions that influence his life and no other person would dictate the direction his life takes. Despite the existence of many considerations and ideas that people have, he is the only one who is tasked with making decisions about his life. The fight as highlighted in this case focuses on personal struggles that are key in making a decision that can have an influential focus on individual wellbeing. Thus, focusing on what is important in life and ensuring that he is successful is considered victorious.

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