Censorship Efforts In The Past

As Jules Winnfield famously once said, “Dogs have good personalities. And a good personality goes a long way.” Unfortunately, in a certain interview between Quentin Tarantino and BBC’s Channel 4 News Krishnan Guru-Murthy, he doesn’t exactly heed his own character’s advice. This isn’t the only time this has happened, either. Back when Kill Bill was still fresh in cinemas across the world, Tarantino had an interesting exchange with San Francisco’s film critic Jan Wahl, after she accused him of being “all about style over substance”.

Nevertheless, these scuffles, with reporters and critics have only minorly tarnished Tarantino’s reputation and status as one of the most historically and culturally significant film artists in media history! Over his 32-year-long career, he has contributed some of the most famous works of filmographic art known to man.

Although his relationship with his public and audience isn’t the most wholesome, and his reputation has been minorly tarnished because of this, Quentin Tarantino is still one of the most historically and culturally significant artists in history.

Quentin Tarantino is almost as well known for his adamant support of “freedom of speech and expression” in the film and TV industry as he is for his movies. As mentioned earlier, Tarantino had a rather interesting interview with Jan Wahl. Wahl accused him of being “all about style over substance” and glamorizing violence, while Tarantino said the film in question, Kill Bill, was meant to “empower women”. When Wahl objected to the film’s violent revenge motif, Tarantino noted simply how “revenge is one of the classic staples in drama.

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” While Wahl did not advocate censorship in her interview, plenty of her arguments have been utilized in efforts toward censorship in the past. In addressing the film’s violence, Tarantino wisely noted that “revenge is messy,” and that “it never works out the way you want.” He also noted the difference between fictional and real violence, whereas Wahl argued that (at least some) kids couldn’t recognize the difference. Again, it’s not overtly arguing for censorship, but some underpinnings seem to be there. Just like the 1980s PMRC hearings regarding music, it’s always claimed that kids just don’t grasp the difference, and everything must be made safer to protect them. However, if kids don’t understand the difference between movies and reality, I would say that parents are failing to teach them common sense

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