Cellular Data Or Text Messaging Plan

Say you had the choice of spending your night at a hotel with Wi-Fi vs one without Wi-Fi. Most likely you would choose the one with Wi-Fi. The internet has unquestionably made our lives more convenient and way more enjoyable. The iPass Mobile Professional Report 2016 claims that “Forty percent of respondents said that Wi-Fi is more important to them than sex, chocolate or alcohol.” With the advantage of the internet, you can read almost any book or article without the need to go to the library.

It lets us communicate with family and friends, shop online, or even start a business. The internet has made our lives easier.

The internet has made communication easier than it has ever been. You don’t have to send a letter and wait days until it gets to its destination. With the technology of the internet you can send messages with a click of a button. IMessage is a perfect example of communication through internet.

Before iMessage, iPhone users would use text messaging, which is limited on what you can send. When using text messaging, “sending and receiving photos or videos can use a lot of data, and you pay for that data using with your cellular data plan” (Payette). But “if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can send iMessage’s without using your cellular data or text messaging plan” (Payette).

The internet has also made learning more convenient, from Universities to Elementary schools. Based on a nationwide survey “74 percent of educators surveyed said technology is key to helping them expand classroom content” (Murray).

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People learn in different ways and the internet gives educators the ability to have options while also making it fun. The internet has also made it so much easier on homework assignments and projects. We can search anything on Google, access to books and even get live help from online tutors.

There’s no way anyone could get bored from being on the internet. Since 2000, time spent online every week by an average American has risen from 9.4 hours to 23.6 hours (Condliffe). That’s a huge difference! There’s a variety of things you can do online. You can read news and blogs with literally just a click of a button. Before the internet we would have to wait for the newspaper to find out what’s going in the world. We also can watch movies online. Netflix gives us the flexibility to watch boundless number of episodes. Whereas before the internet we would only have the option to watch one episode at a time. Besides all of that, we can communicate with family and friends. Facetime has changed the lives of many people. Especially, because you can video chat with family from across the globe.

The internet has made a huge impact in the business industry. 77% of job seekers go on company websites when searching for jobs (Gallup State of the American Workplace Report 2017). Most people apply for a job online instead of roaming from place to place searching for jobs. There are also online jobs which can be of convenience to many. You can make money from the comfort of your home. With the advantage of online jobs, you have more chances of finding a job because the job does not have to in the city or state you live in. It can be a job from across the globe.

According to GoDaddy, 83% of small business owners with a website feel they have a competitive advantage on those without a website, while 48% of the business owners with no website have plans to build a website and they expect their business to grow by 25% or more within 3 to 5 years. The internet is a perfect place to advertise your business. In March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad (Cunha). According to Instagram, 60% of people say they discover new products on the platform, and 75% of Instagrammers act after being inspired by a post.

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