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Nayla Tueni

‘Eye of the Rooster’

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Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc14620978 h 4II.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc14620979 h 5III.The Chosen Leader PAGEREF _Toc14620980 h 6IV.Leadership Style(s) PAGEREF _Toc14620981 h 8V.Attributes and Behavior PAGEREF _Toc14620982 h 11VI.Strengths and Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc14620983 h 13VII.Acknowledged Exceptional Abilities PAGEREF _Toc14620984 h 15VIII.Leader’s Success Story(s) PAGEREF _Toc14620985 h 16IX.Important Achievements and Paramount Milestones PAGEREF _Toc14620986 h 17X.Conclusion and Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc14620987 h 18XI.

References PAGEREF _Toc14620988 h 19

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TOC h z c “Figure” Figure 1: Leader Family Tree PAGEREF _Toc14620960 h 6Figure 2: Nayla Achievements and Paramount Milestones PAGEREF _Toc14620961 h 17Figure 3: Nayla Tueni CV – 01 PAGEREF _Toc14620962 h 20Figure 4: Nayla Tueni CV – 02 PAGEREF _Toc14620963 h 21

Executive Summary

IntroductionLeadership has various implications and a plenty of pictures it can bring to minds. It is a powerful pioneer who keeps up the accompanying qualities: most importantly, a pioneer or a leader producing a motivating future vision. What’s more, it rouses and propels individuals to be engaged with this vision.

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Being a leader is having the ability to inspire followers to achieve organization goals through adopting change.

A leader must have skills and managerial roles to implement organization objective and achieve employee’s satisfaction. To affect the performance and the productivity of his followers in an active way.

Different traits and behaviors adopted by the leader will affect his leadership style; Styles differs from one research to other. Going from autocratic to democratic, job-centered to employee-centered and finally from structured to consideration behavior.

A leader must use his power, network and negotiation skills to empower communication, coaching and conflict skills of his followers. CITATION Rob13 l 1033 (Achua, 2013)In this project the leader chosen is Misses Nayla Tueni, the CEO and member of board of Al Nahar Newspaper.

The Chosen Leader

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1: Leader Family TreeNayla Tueni Early and Personal Life

Nayla Tueni Maktabi Arabic: ????? ????? ?????)) born in 31 August 1982, she is the daughter of Gebran Tueni and Mirna el Murr and the sister of Michelle Tueni.

She graduated from complementary school in 1997 from “Saint Honore d’Eylan et les Moineaux” – Paris. Persuade her high school in “College Notre dame de Nazareth” in 2000 – Beirut and got her Bachelor in arts of journalism from Lebanese university in 2005.

She received her master’s degree in Media and communication in 2007 from Lebanese university and another masters in Negation and strategy from Paris – 2009.

Nayla Married Malek Maktabi a Lebanese television presenter in 2009 and has three children: Gebran (2010), Sharif (2013) and Noor (2015).

Nayla Tueni Career

Nayla begin as a reporter at Al Nahar in 2005 with a salary of 800$. After her dad assassination in 2005, Nayla became the CEO of al Nahar and a member of the boards of directors in 2007.

She won the Greek Orthodox Christian seat for Achrafieh in the 2009 Lebanese Elections for the March 14 square. She is one of only a handful few chosen female lawmakers in Lebanon.

Nayla is a member of different non-profit organizations related to women rights and youth activities and attitudes. She expanded the journal after the death of her dad and created many pages on the newspapers website regarding the Lebanese environment issues.

CITATION Nay19 l 1033 (Tueni, 2019)

Leadership Style(s)Boundary-less

This style deals with empowering the relationships between the leader and his employees/supervisors and adopting flat structure.

Al Nahar is an organization with strong values; having the “ROOSTER” slogan on top of the organization hierarchy. With it vision to continue as a leading newspaper across Lebanon, Nayla had respected those values and vision by applying boundary-less leadership style.

Nayla treated her employees as part of her family. She talks to her employees and take into consideration their personal problems and try to help them as much as she can.

When taking decisions, Nayla listen to employees and supervisors ideas and thoughts. Tries to make them part of her decisions making.


When assuming management, she considered simplicity. She didn’t believe in complexity and launched a signature promotion to make thing simpler in the company. Complicated letters and memos were eliminated under her management. She supported comfortable clothes at the workplace. She also permitted brainstorming between colleagues and executives by encouraging the work as a teams and empowering good relations inside the organization.


She advanced the act of following up on whatever is within reach and understand the certainties. She killed bureaucratic practices and inferred techniques to accomplish work even in a rough way. This administration style drove some portion of her workers to compromise when discussing their employments.

Welcomed Change

Nayla adopted change in her organization by focusing on youth needs and women empowerment. By launching the “NAYA” project, Nayla welcomed change in her organization; NAYA is a page in al Nahar website that is devoted to women rights across Lebanon.

To mention that Nayla also launched “NaharShabab” website to deal with young people across the country to create innovation and better environment.

Hierarchize Values over Figures

Nayla focused on al Nahar values rather than how much money the newspaper will make.

Having the ‘rooster’ – ‘DEEK al Nahar’ on the top of this organization, had made clear how much values are important. Going back to the time where her grandfather was the CEO and after him her Father, the idea of making always the rooster on top of their decisions, Nayla persist on this legacy. The ‘rooster’ slogan means that the independency, sovereignty and freedom are the most important rule of the newspaper.

Bureaucracy have been eliminated inside this organization since the Nayla is always opened to new ideas and all employees respect the newspaper values.

Accomplishment drive trait

Nayla is an energetic leader with high determination in accomplishing organization objectives, she always get involved in everything happening in her organization.

She is a positive role model to her employees by showing them how to handle difficult challenges and being a realistic leader.

Nayla is a self-confident leader, she believes in herself that she can achieve her goals that will lead her company and her employee’s succession.

Attributes and Behavior“My life is a challenge and I challenge myself every day for new projects ideas… every time I enjoy my job journalism discovering and meeting and interviewing people from all around the world…” CITATION Nay191 l 1033 (Tueni, 2019)Emotional Intelligence

EI is the ability to understand how others are feelings and how the Leader is feeling. It is the process of accepting how others are so their respond can be controlled.

Nayla is self/social awareness and self/relationship management.

Self-awareness: being a daughter of an assassinated Father, Nayla became a calm person. This behavior affected her attitude towards her employees by being conscious of her feeling.

Social-awareness: Nayla put herself in her employee’s shoes.

Self-management: In 2005, the day of the assassination of Nayla’s Dad, the newspaper didn’t stop working. All employees were in choked and anxious but still the newspaper was issued the second day of the murder.

This situation showed that Nayla has the ability to control negative emotions in order to achieve the organization goal.

Relationship management: Al Nahar is a family organization, this behavior made a powerful relationship between all parties in the organization.

Extrovert Leader

Nayla is an outgoing person, she likes to always meet new people and always open to creative ideas. Being a part of several non-profit organizations related to women rights, youth problem etc… made her an extrovert leader.

Conscientiousness Leader

Nayla is a dependable women. Employees look forward to rely on her decisions and behaviors. She is responsible to make employees achieve their goals and to maintain the organization stability.

A leader must be always honest and don’t take things personal, must have the choice and the alternative between what is right and what is righter.

Nayla respected the definition of integrity by following the legacy of her grandfather and father to maintain the Rooster on the top of the newspaper.

Locus of Control

Nayla believes that she can control her life, destiny and fate. This made her an internalizer.

After her Father’s death Nayla believed that she must be persistent to continue the road and the success process of the newspaper.

Strengths and WeaknessesEvery Leader has strength and weaknesses.

Nayla’s Strengths


From her childhood Nayla had the passion of being a journalist at al Nahar. This passion was reflected in her job by creating new ideas and projects that are related to the Lebanese environment. (NAYA, NaharShabab).


When asking her where she sees herself ten years from now, Nayla answer was built on her vision that in the future she can accomplish what she always intended to do, being The CEO of al Nahar.


Even with the death of her father, grandfather and the divorce of her parents, Nayla was always calmed to overcome all these obstacles and challenges and this has been shown in her behavior as a leader now.


Nayla is a diplomatic person, easy to get along with and courteous.

Being a part of several NGOs this made her a sociable and sensitive leader. She is a friendly leader and very sensitive with her employees, she understands the group members as individuals.

Nayla’s Weaknesses


Nayla always come late to her appointments and meetings. She is not a punctual person.

Anger Control Problem

Nayla gets angry very rapidly. She may shout immediately over a ridiculous issue but try to calm herself after a while.

Acknowledged Exceptional AbilitiesA great leaders are considered self-confident while taking a new decision. Even though Nayla listen to her employees ideas, when she wants to do something she do it. She is a very confident women and user her power as a CEO to take decisions.

Nayla is exceptionally smart. She used this ability to empower her leadership skills, especially interpersonal and decision making skills;

Regarding interpersonal skills, she has the ability to deal correctly and easily with other people from different backgrounds.

Talking about decision making skills, Nayla always find alternative solutions for problems and know how to take advantage of opportunities.

Leader’s Success Story(s)Nayla Tueni, a Leader of her own life and of al Nahar Newspaper.

As a daughter of a leader (Gebran Tueni) and a granddaughter of a leader (Ghassan Tueni), the role of Nayla was not very simple in taking the lead of a newspapers that is founded from 1933.

Nayla was raised on principles and values that helped her in becoming the leader she is today. As Nayla say “I am now who my grandfather and father raised me to be. I took the responsibility too early but I learned to struggle alone and to face problems with wisdom”.

Coming from different politics family and religion, Nayla learned how to fit in any environment she may face.

At the age of 24, Nayla was responsible for continuing the road of al Nahar newspaper. She faces all the economic crises and try to always keep the journal on its feet.

Nayla not only she took the responsibility of what her father left her; she changed and opened many websites and add many pages to the journal. Beginning with the page of youth to the website she dedicated to them. To mention also the “NAYA” website that she created for empowering women.

Nayla created a youth club for junior journalist so they learn about journalism.

Now at the age of 37, Nayla says “I am a proud leader as a women who used her power to inspire others and a proud leader as a mother myself”.

CITATION Nay19 l 1033 (Tueni, 2019)

Important Achievements and Paramount Milestones

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2: Nayla Achievements and Paramount MilestonesConclusion and RecommendationsLeadership is inspiring followers to achieve organization goals through change.

Every leader has his style, behavior, achievements and goals.

Miss Nayla Tueni, the leader of al Nahar newspaper is an inspiring woman that believes in making the workplace as home. Employees are family members of the newspaper and decision making is taken with their help.

Nayla is a democratic leader that share her thoughts and decisions with her employees. She is an employee-centered leader who cares and listen and take good care of her family.

As she say about herself “the eye of the rooster”, Nayla continued the road of her grandfather and father and put her own marks in the newspaper.


BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 Achua, R. N. L. a. C. F., 2013. Leadership Theory, Application & Skill development. sixth ed. Boston: Cengage Learning .

Tueni, N., 2019. Instagram Post, Beirut: Nayla Tueni.

Tueni, N., 2019. Leadership Interview [Interview] (16 August 2019).


Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3: Nayla Tueni CV – 01

Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4: Nayla Tueni CV – 02

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