Bloody sands of Edith Kneifl Review

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Sizzlin is the Texas desert sand, blood is far and wide no trace. Edith Kneifls latest crime novel you have to read the epilogue to arrive at the point that gives the title where the plot culminates where one stabbing the other with a knife and he brought himself to the track: “splashed in a large jet blood out … the sand under his feet changed color red. “The consistently short declarative sentences of this novel may recall the creaky-scarce men how some Western.

The stylistic device but is rather ironic to understand. Very fluid to read anyway. And entertaining. Tingling excitement? Rather less.

The author is fictional gone traveling. She has (links further below) have their favorite, from the previous novels known couple from Vienna flying via Paris to Las Vegas. These are: the gay Orlando who likes enveloped in shrill women’s clothes, and Katharina Kafka, 40, the first-person narrator. Twenty years ago, Catherine’s parents were brutally murdered during a US trip on a campsite in Amarillo, Texas, in her trailer; the case was never solved properly, but the fingerprints left on two perpetrators close.

Over the years, more couples were killed in their campers. Now the FBI was one of the two perpetrators, the so-called “Route 66 Killer” Dick Carson, arrest, and in this context it was also clear to him the deed to prove Catherine parents. After Detective Simon Hunter informed by the Cold Case Department Katharina phone on the news, it now stands in his office in Las Vegas.

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But very talkative and informative is the man, a Navajo descendant, not. But Katharina makes it clear that she wants to see the decision taken Killers the locations of all murders, hoping to learn something about the unknown second offenders.

The unlikely couple who often fraternal similarity is said rented a car and attaches itself to the heel of the unknown – from Las Vegas to the Gand Canyon. Peu-à peu they approach him more than they can be dear. Edith Kneifls narrative camera wanders during this road movies extensively to the right and left of the road. We encounter clichés, but also learn some nice unknown detail.

The artificial until into space shining city of Las Vegas with its entertainment outlets forms the beginning of the sightseeing tour, then stumbles on Area 51 , Indian reservations, Mormon settlements, totem poles, Zabriskie Point , tepees of living in the southwest Indians, who are called by the living in the northeast Indian wigwams cucarachas , earth houses, makes a stop at the ranch of the still detained located Charles Manson, takes a look at the open-air opera house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

While driving through Painted Desert have to be careful that a tumbleweeds not gobble before the bumper. How lives the Winnebago or Hopi? What have you not read Karl May, you can now browse Edith Kneifl. That the Indian knows no pain, so we have comforted our small children. but that one should look into the conversation with an Indian by no means eye contact, that you did not know safe Edith Kneifls “Bloody sand” is entertaining, varied, good and uncomplicated entertainment for everyone .

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