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Jean-Michel Basquiat was born December 22, 1960, in Brooklyn New York, he was an African-American artist of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent. Initially, he first became famous under artwork by the name of SAMO. He was one of the first graffiti artists with a primitive style that employed textual elements to gain worldwide success. His fame coincided with the rise of a new artistic movement, Neo-expressionism which attracted young artists. With the help, Andy Warhol began to exhibit his artwork in the 1980s in various galleries and museums in national and global markets displaying his urban multi-ethnicity artwork.

Basquiat was very successful In a White-dominated art scene in New York and used his art to attack power structures and systems of racism. Basquiat became the first black American artist to gain international fame at a very young age. Due to his trouble with drugs and fame, Basquiat died at the age of 27 on August 12, 1988, in New York, New York, due to a Heroin overdose.

He had become addicted to cocaine and heroin in the early 80s. He is known worldwide for his contribution to contemporary art.

Basquiat’s paintings are very complex, filled with colorful images and controversial phrases, and primitive looking. His paintings carry a lot of meaning. The art he produced. How do artists visually articulate these in-between, hybrid spaces; and, in your view are they successful in achieving a clear articulation? Define what success means for you, but consider audience and function. Is a work successful in that it can be read by a large number of people or is it successful in that one individual can relate to the work, etc.

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? Is the work successful in raising the consciousness of individual/individuals? Basquiat’s artwork allowed him to question the status quo, stereotypes, and discrimination which also led him to search for his true identity. Integrate African American culture and pop culture. This piece of art tells of the struggle he faces with the issues surrounding his identity and how he has or has not been able to come to satisfactory terms with it. Pleasure Pillars has elements of the environment and how that environment has shaped his identity. Just like his artwork consist of layers and there is a mesh of various elements so is his identity reflected in this manner. The importance of his own identity is reflected in his artwork, hybridity is seen in Sikander’s artwork just as it is in our culture and day, many people today are a hybrid of various cultures. A quote mentioned by professor Sign is “ negotiation of the multiplicity of identities and subject positionings that result from displacement, immigration, and exile” in a transnational, globalized world (Taboo Memories, Diasporic Voices). This quote reflects how our lives in our current global economy are no longer static but a merging of various cultures and identities. Just like the Sikander merges and brings together contemporary art with traditional art forms. There is obvious hybridity in Basquiat’s style, he made marks that do not seem to be related but they work with the rest of the artwork. In his artwork, Basquiat uses artwork that reflects his ethnicity yet at the same time hides it. The scream reflects how he feels trapped in his body.

There are various elements of ethnicity reflected in The Scream, it has very dark tones, which hide his ethnicity, and bright white elements which reflect how he is trying to break free from a prison that is not accepting of other cultures or a mixture of cultures which is reflected by the mixture of dark and white tones in this piece of art I could not easily make out exactly all of the elements it is composed of. His artwork demonstrates the struggle he faces in living in that e United States and longing for his native country Pakistan. There is an obvious process going on with both pieces of art. Both Abramovic and Neshat’s works are. Both artists like to use the woman’s body in a traditional culture that likes to ethnic groups live on the margins in a society that is sometimes obsessed with Western forms of art. Both artists use their bodies as a form of protest and as a medium to bring about acceptance. Both pieces of artwork also have obvious differences, Neshat likes to cover her face, is a bit enigmatic, and uses her face as a canvas.

Abramovic likes to display her whole body and Neshat at times focuses on the face. Both artists use dark colors, and photographs and like to explore the diaspora that both women experience. On the other hand, Neshat is somewhat subtle and there is a quietness or silence to it while Abramovic screams and even names one of her pieces screams, making her demands very explicit. According to Hall, diaspora is the way we reinvent ourselves, he specifically discusses our Black people reinvent themselves, by mixing influences from various cultures, African, American, and European to develop an identity, and culture (Hall, 222) Hall explains that there are at least two types of cultural identity, the first stance defines cultural identity as a shared, collective, which hides our true self inside the many identities of others, which tends to be superficial or artificial, one reason being that humans have a shared history. These shared experiences and identities help us with continuous frames of meaning, to our lives, identity, and community (Hall, 223) Basquiat was able to visually articulate the in-between spaces by

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