An Introduction to the Canada Participation in NATO and NORAD

Many people believe it would be beneficial to stay with these organizations. They want the safety and security prowded by NATO and NORAD. Without them, some think we would be less prepared and could not stand a large attack from countries we are currently protected from. Despite these facts many Canadians Want to leave these alliances. The cost to us is very large and some causes may need the money more. The world has become more peaceful and the cold war is now over, There is no need for Canada to still be involved in NATO or NORAD.

Other groups such as the UN also provide many of the services provided by these unions. The advantages of remaining with these partners are more important than the disadvantages so Canada should stay a part of them, One of the benefits is it costs less, and NORAD has many satellites and bases under its command.

They play a critical role of alerting Canada of incoming air attacks.

The bases and satellites contain technology that Canada could not have developed on its own. The U.S. has shared its information With us so that We do not have to pay so many research costs. Canada could not afford the cost of this great protection Without the help of the US, NATO also developed many weapons and shared its advances With Canada. If Canada left NATO it could cause bad feeling between us and other members. The countries of these assemblies want Canada to stay.

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If we pulled out of NATO and NORAD the members may feel we are abandoning them, Many countries would no longer think highly of us and believe we do not support them in staying a peaceful world. If we left and another war broke out, it would be very hard to form alliances with these countries again. If we left NORAD the U.S. may get mad and stop some of its trade to us.

Canada gained protection by staying. Canada is very safe and secure because it is a part of NATO. All the countries of NATO have agreed to many Simple rules and ideas. One of their three basic rules states: Member countries Will combine strength to deter attack from others, if a country attacks us We will have an extremely large arsenal of weapons and people from other supporting nations. This stops countries from trying to start Wars because they know they cannot beat such a large alliance. The countries that are a part of NATO will also not attack us, They are on the same side as us as are controlled by NATO. The officials can talk and find a resolution without war between fighting members.

The warnings received from the NORAD satellite system can warn us of any dangers from the air so we may have time to prepare. Being a part of NORAD also alliances us With a great super power, the U.S. Our contributions to NORAD help them and in turn they are more likely to help us. The reasons to stay a vrtal part of these groups are numerous and important. We have a smaller cost for better protection if many nations share cost of these weapons. We get more technology from other countries by staying. The country is safer. it is our protection we are talking about, do you really want to compromise it by leavrng NATO or NORAD.

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