An Argument Proving the Existence of Forms in Reality

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I believe forms exist in reality. Here are objections to said belief. Objection #1: Nothing is “real” all of which is in the minds. Not the laws of science, not warmth, nothing. If nothing exists in reality (and only in our mind space), then, how can forms exist in reality? They cannot. (Solipsism)

Objection #2: If forms did exist, then what is the universal for all forms? Forms cannot exist in reality, because they do not prove themselves. Is there a form for forms? NO.

If there is supposedly a form for all things, then the form disproves itself (*Drops the mic…*). Objection #3: Although many things are not visible by the human eye, their effect can be seen, or evidence there of. However, forms cause nothing and act on nothing which means that forms are only existent in our minds like other tools that help us discern “actual reality”. On the contrary (!!!), Nominalism,( the belief that forms do not exist in reality, but rather in our minds) can easily be over turned.

Time and Forms are very much alike. We cannot see time. We cannot see forms. Time does nothing, what happened to something happens over a period of time. Forms also “do nothing” yet the link common properties to many objects that are similar or the same pertaining to their individual qualities. If Time can be proven to exist in reality, then forms can easily be proven as well. Nominalism says time is real, thus forms are real. Nominalism is based on the non-existence of forms in reality thus proving it to be self contradictory (as Kreeft states) (I know crazy right).

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Like time, forms exist and help us quantify, observe, and understand our world.

Argument to objection #1 : Solipsism has many “philosophy holes” (like plot holes…but philosophy). One of which is, if nothing exists at all, and is in the mind… Then in what context does the mind exist? If everything exists in the mind (even stating that the existence of everything isn’t real) then where does the mind exist? Who exists with the mind? By disproving Solipsism one may provide evidence for argument that forms indeed do exist in reality.

Argument to objection #2 : Forms do not have to prove themselves, as they are a way to observe the material and all other things that associate with one another (thoughts, ideas, theories, “essences”). A blank form is not a form at all. Forms depend on the thing they are providing a likeness or essence for. Thus making objection #2 irrelevant.

Argument to objection #3 : Time also cannot be seen (as I said above) and time is real. This objection can be proven by the argument I made above with time. If time exists in reality so must forms, as they associate with themselves in some manner. In conclusion, I have proven that forms exist in reality, but I am fully aware that I have opened pandora’s box to arguments on Time itself and Solipsism which could get messy. However, forms exist in reality.

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