Recycling for Environment, Resources, & Reduction

Day to day the amount of used material is getting more, and the resources are in danger of extinction. These materials do not only cause problems for humans but are also hazardous for the environment and wildlife. Therefore, to reduce the amount of wastes, we cannot do better than recycling them. Recycling is the process of collecting the used materials and producing new products out of them. It is how we can reduce the amount of wastes and save lives. First, recycling saves energy, resources, and money.

Earth’s resources are limited, and this is essential that we should conserve as much as possible. As we recycle, we do not need to extract resources; instead, we take the wastes and use a little energy to make a new product; however, it costs so much to extract new resources, proces them to be suitable for industry use, and make the same product as the recycled one. For instance, recycling paper conserves the natural resources, energy, and prevent the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Second, recycling helps to protect the environment. As we recycle, we do not need to extract mines, spend energy, and cut the forests. Therefore, it will not cause air and water pollution. Instead, it helps to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases, and the size of the landfills. Landfills cause the reduction of water and air pollution, and it can affect the global warming and acid raining. This way, we can contribute for environment more than we can imagine. This can decrease the amount of the diseases.

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Hence, it can save thousands of lives at the moment and in the future.

Finally, recycling reduces the incineration. The incineration facilities are hard and expensive to be maintained, but recycling can solve this problem. Incineration itself produce hazardous gases to be released into the atmosphere. If we recycle more waste, it causes fewer wastes to be sent for incineration, and the danger of the greenhouse gases would definitely be reduced as well. No matter in which standard the incineration is, it will release some hazardous gasses to the atmosphere. It is better to recycle them, than to burn them. In conclusion, we need to keep up recycling our wastes. Maybe we do not see the positive results but the next coming generation would definitely see the benefits of it. It is the best way we can save our energy, resources, money, and environments. I believe the word “Kaisen”, which means change for better and continuous. Doing the right thing has never been easy, it does worth to give a try.

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