More Female Business Leaders Needed

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Well I believe the developing countries could have a seminar on small business entrepreneurs every year just for women. Having a seminar on this topic could and should teach the women of these countries that the country is behind them all the way on them being an entrepreneur. They will learn that they will also be helping the country out. I believe that a lot of women have something in them they are good at and can make money from it.

So if they open up a little store they will have to employee people and that will be helping the country. So definitely the country should have a seminar on this. It will help out the country and most importantly it could help out the small communities around that country.

The glass ceiling is not as easy as it should be to break. Most companies in America are ran by men still, but here and there you see woman making progress up the ladder.

I believe in due time things will be more evenly. If you think about it there are more females in the country and also there are more females in college. Right there is a good sign. They are trying harder then ever to break through that ceiling and to get their point across to the men in the company that they can do as good as a job as the other men. They just have to keep up the pressure like they are doing now and that glass ceiling will not be there to much longer.

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There are only advantages from having more women in higher positions. With having women up at the top you can get two different views on things. When you compare men and women you will find that they have different views from each other. So having men and women at the top of any organization or company might help the company grow into a stronger company. Now isn’t that what most companies want to be, bigger and stronger? So in the long run I believe it should be a shared thing unless someone really does deserve to be at the top of all the action.

I think the trend of minority women being the fastest growing small business is a great thing, and it will greatly help the economy. I believe most of the time when you see a minority small business owner is in their own community. So when they open a new store it could also help the community they are in. It will supply new jobs to the area and bring in more customers to an area. Sometimes the new business owner is supplying what the big companies around don’t have or it could just offer a better customer friendly relationship. A lot of those big chains forget how to treat their customers with true respect and being real about it.

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