An Analysis of the French and Indian War in 18th Century

Be«ween the years 1689 and 1748 France and Brain had the War the League of Augsburg King Wiliams War, the War of Spanish Succession Queen Annes War, and the War of the Austrian Succession King Georges War. Altre of these wars led up to the Seven Years’ War, also known as the French and Indian War As the Brith colonies grew in population and wealth, the Brits government began to worry about the attacks from France and Spain. A rench motive for the attack on rltsh their dese for land, Ths was te be for clawing land and they wanted as much of as tey could get.

Also, they wanted more wealth and power because according to the theory of mercantilism, the cher you are, the more power yoU Rave. Another motive fr the attack was that France wanted a market for manufactured goods. They also wanted a source fr raw ates to make goods. At first, the war went badly for the English.

To strengthen the defense of the Colonies, General ward Braddock set out with 1400 British Woops and 450 colonials ty to take Fort Duquesne. The French had but his fort in Pittsburgh. Braddock had been warned by Benjamin Frankin to watch out for surprise attacks by the Indians, but he did not stop. Wars in Europe were ‘orderly and they were usually fought only in good weather, on open fields, and armies faced each ‘there. To Braddockssurprisee, the French and Indians dd to follow the etiquette of Old Works ‘Warfare.

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They caught Braddock off guard when they attacked his army. The general was killed, and 976 of his men were killed or wounded. In 1757 Wiliam PRI came to power as the prime minister of England. He put new Me into the nation’s armies and ts Hees spread over the globe. He removed the ‘weak and the old and put them in the young ad song. IIn the campaigns of 1758, the Brash and Americans working together were victorious against the French. General Jeffrey Amherst and General James Wolle, both of whom,

The pit had promoted to command, recaptured the stronghold at Louisbourg, and George Washington sursurrendered the other French. After this, the government called a meeting with the Indians 19 to make peace at Albany Congress. The colonists tied to get the Indians to sign a sweaty saying that they Would support the English against the French, but the Indians dl not agree because there the French were 2 growing power in the west and they were not going to make the same mistake. They also felt cheated ur of in the past fromfoolishh. The colonies called this Albany Congress not only to win Indian Support but also to establish colonial unity. The Albany Plan of Union was proposed by Ben Frankl and was set up to deal with defense strategies raise taxes for military purposes and Nandled Relations with the Indians and settlement of western lands. The proposed plan was not accepted by the colonies because each colony wanted to be able to claim land fr themselves and they didn’t want an oose land. The reality that ended the war was the thTreatyay of Pas (1763), Millions of square males, changed hands, from French to British. Brain took Florida to Spain and they have all and east of the Mississippi. Bran obtained Canada and all and east of the Mississippi River excep fort the port of New Orleans from France. France gave Spain New Orleans. The results of the easy were established by Keeping the balance of power between Spain and France.

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