An Analysis of Art and Ai Weiwei's Activism

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Art has been always a powerful means to set people thinking about the world’s major problems. Via visual arts, artists can convey social and political ideas. Artists draw their viewers into social issues out of the latter’s comfortable environment. As, for example, renowned photographer Dorothea Lange, in her photograph “Migrant Mother” (Dewitte 547) brings the viewer’s attention to the theme of poverty and deprivation. To my mind, Lange’s idea has born good fruit – people resounded with understanding to Thompson’s struggle for life, for the image invoked best human qualities, such as compassion, the consciousness of the occurring injustice, etc.

people can resist institutions of power by rising laughs against them. As, for instance, the Reformists made use of imagery to shatter the confidence of the masses in the power of the church (Conflict and Resistance). Images, aimed to convey political ideas should be understandable to the masses and enlighten the main points of the artist’s thought in this case it will succeed and reach the viewer’s heart.

In my opinion, Ai Weiwei promotes his political viewpoints through an artistic framework. He is a unique ‘open-eyed’ freedom fighter in communist China, who is capable of soberly witnessing the things that occur around him. Weiwei’s activism, concerning the earthquake in Sichuan province, brought people together and undeceived the dark side of Chinese society. Weiwei’s exhibition in Munich impressed me with children’s backpacks, hung up over the museum’s front building – it was a reminder of those little ones, being buried under the debris.

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I would have certainly revolted against the Chinese government if I had the opportunity. I think that Ai Weiwei is allowed to live in China because the Chinese government fears an eventual popular revolt, as well as worldwide disapproval. This artist embodies the ideas and thoughts of ordinary people, who are intimidated by their government’s power, he defends human rights to know the truth, that is why the whole world would stand up for him.

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