All-Encompassing Mixed Emotions About the Plan of Salvation

Imagine if you and your wife just got the idea about eternal family after being taught of the Plan of Salvation. Naturally, an overarching mixed-emotions such as excitement, awe, and anxiety were just a few of the feelings that can best describe what your reaction would be in an instant. And then you resolve in planning of having a child to experience the full blessings of marriage. But what if, you were numbered among those less fortunate married couple who, after pouring out your best in planning, thus you seek faithfully and follow the best advices which professionals could ever offer, but still, you are not lucky enough to bear a child of your own.

What would you do?

Instantly, an idea of adoption would instinctively ring a bell in the mind of an average person. And then several options would come up suggesting otherwise including surrogacy. How would you know which one is the best and the right solution? Recently, an influential couple in the Philippines, former Senator Mar Roxas and his wife Korina Sanchez a News Anchor, Host and a Reporter in a famous Local-international Television channel, has celebrated the birth of their surrogate-born twins namely Pepe and Pilar.

In their interviews, they’ve shared their stories that no amount of joy could ever be compared to the happiness they enjoy after the Lord granted them to have children through this modern technological process.

This couple were married 10 years ago and were anxious to build their own family with kids around, but the level of failure in gestation is so high to consider, seeing that they were approaching the grandparenting stage, and this was the reason that led them to surrogacy.

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This could be a dream come true to all people experiencing the same circumstances in life, but living in a third-world country, where an economic crisis is the principal wall that hedge up the opportunity to make it happen, is just an added “to be, or most likely not to be” frustrated wish list.

President Thomasito Zapanta (Naga Philippines Stake Mission President) once said that “a blessing of having a child in the family comes in two types. It’s either through birth or through adoption.” We must all face it and accept the eternal truth, that all children born in this world are Heavenly Father’s sons and daughters. Adoption is the most practical and selfless way of serving Him and filling the gap in our family to obtain the promised blessings of eternal happiness.

To understand how noble and extensive could be the effect of adopting, we need to see first and foremost the reason behind every case of a birth parent that resorted in having their child for adoption. American Adoption research shows that there are 30 Reasons why women specifically “give a child up” for adoption. Among the top reasons are: • She’s not ready to be a mother/She’s too young to be a mother (in most cases premarital sex is the reason for her impregnation).

• She doesn’t want to be a mother/She doesn’t feel a strong connection with the baby (most of them were victims of rape and physical abuse). She can’t afford to raise a child/ She needs help with the medical costs of pregnancy (some of them have gone to the painful process of divorce or abandoned by their partner). She’s facing personal challenges that will impact her ability to become a parent (most of them suffers from physical disabilities and (or) mental or psychological incapacity). We know that most of the reasons that every mother had, doesn’t share the same worth of consideration to have their child suffer this unfortunate fate. But on the other hand, let’s look at it on the bright side and see how as birth parents and children to be adopted can to help them piece their life together.

Through adoption we can help the birth parents to continue their education or careers and pursue whatever their goals are. For those who do not have a partner to help them raise the baby, adoption can relieve them from financial burden and stress taking care of their child alone. This will also give them peace of mind knowing that their child will be raised in a stable and nurturing home with loving family who always dreamed of being parents. As for the child who has been abandoned or remove form the care of birth parents can gain much from being adopted into a loving family. Adoptive families typically provide the children in their care with residence in a safe, supportive neighborhood, attendance at a well-functioning high-achieving school, and love, emotional support, and intellectual benefits should enable this young person to rise above the loss of their birth parents and any adverse experiences and enable them to flourish.

These are just a short list of reasons to help the birth parents and their innocent child receive their blessings. Much has been said with just a simple list of reasons but we need to look on the benefits which the adopting parents could also enjoy. A married couple often struggle for years to grow their families before considering the advantages of adoption. The benefits of adopting a child are significant, and families who decide to adopt often wonder why they didn’t start the adoption process sooner. In fact, some of the adopting parents after raising an adopted child eventually give birth of their own. Also, adoption gives those infertile couples the ability to become parents. It gives these hopeful parents an opportunity to share their lives with a child and experience the joy and blessing of being parents.

Having your own flesh and blood born in this world is really a dream come true to every parent trying to build their own family, and surrogacy process could be the answer to those financially-capable couple. However, we should consider the economy we have, especially by living in this third-world country. Ask yourself these question “is this process practical?” A couple considering of having their child this way should know that, while both surrogacy and adoption are expensive process, surrogacy is often the more expensive of the two. Considering that a surrogate can receive a base compensation (averaging $25,000) and of course there are medical and legal costs which is obviously won’t be cheap.

And ultimately, there is always a chance of a failed embryo transfer or miscarriage in surrogacy, and when this happens the monies spent are not recouped. Building a family in this world is the capstone of our eternal progress as what the Lord ordained of us, and by opening our eyes in the gospel perspective of finding purpose of existence and building eternal family in this earth life, will somehow alter your preference if we will apply the teachings which the Savior has taught us about loving Him and our neighbors. Just imagine how we can help contribute to lessen the numbers of those unfortunate parentless children, whose capacity of becoming like our Heavenly Father are limitless as we.

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