African American Discrimination: Socioeconomic Downfall

People say that actions speak louder than words. Yet, I believe that words hold just as much power as the action that people choose to take. The words of others have the power to affect the view that you share of the world and the views that you have of yourself as a person, Throughout my experience of life I have found that, I take into consideration, the words of others, I was also found that the words of others have forced me to question my capabilities as a person.

As a teenager it is very difficult to figure out where you stand within the world, When I was an adolescent, there was a period of time where I lived predominately near Caucasian peoplei Being a Haitian-American or a “black“ female gave most of my peers a reason to look down on me, As if my future was already predestined to mediocrity There was a point where I was placed in a below level class, filled predominantly with minorities, without any warning or reason.

My mother was furious, so she paid the school a visit to get to the bottom of the situation. My teacher at the time explained that she thought that placing me in that class would benefit me. My mother asked for records of my grades that showed, if any, a lowered learning experience. WiLhout doubt she left empty handed, A month later my mother removed me from that school, She explained to me that they had racially discriminated against me.

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That was the first time I heard of this term Before then I was naive and couldn‘t understand why I had to leave my friends, She explained to me that the color of my skin gave my teacher, and the school a reason to think less of me Ever since that experience, discrimination seemed to follow my footsteps.

There were little incidences, little words here and there. But they were said, and still affect me and many other people who have also gone through this experience. In society African Americans have been given a low bar regarding their success in education and employment. This lowered standard gives the white majority a reason to discriminate against us. This problem begins at an early age. Young African American people who are intelligent are constantly bombarded with words of discouragement because the majority of our country expects African Americans to fail in America Many of these young people allow these words of discouragement to affect their daily lives, and then slowly blend into this stereotype It is important to address this issue because the youth ofAfrican American people need to know that the ignorance of others should have no affect on their own will to succeed.

The ideas from Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, can help us understand the formation of rising criminal rates in poor, ghettoized environments African Americans who are poor and uneducated tend to migrate towards each other in an environment. The formation of this type of neighborhood is the ghettoization of an environment. Academic scholar Allan H, Spear explained that the ghettoization of blacks in a community was not mainly because of poverty, nor was it the choice to be clustered, but it was what came out of white hostility.l This environment gains a reputation of being broken and useless. Within these ghettos, African Americans are oppressed by the police force. With this type of oppression comes frustration This frustration can cause people to do unjust acts toward people who live near them. This is where the phrase black-on-black crime comes from.

“The phrase is a deceptive restating of basic truth—people tend to kill 1 Coates, Trayvon Martin was a Victim black on Black Crime The Atlantic the people they live around”2 It is seen that in rundown neighborhoods the crime rates are higher compared to rural neighborhoods. It is said, “criminals may benefit to the extent that they can justify their actions as politically motivated,”3 The actions of our oppressor, the police force, cause a negative reaction within black communities. It can be concluded that there is a correlation between oppression and black-on-black crime rates, Black-onvblack crime is how the oppressed adhere to the actions of their oppressors Many have lost their lives due to this black-on-black crimei Trayvon Martin was killed by someone whom he lived closed by; this person marked him as a gang member because he had a hoodie oni‘.

Although it is true that not all African Americans fit this unfortunate condition, they still face discrimination against mortgage insurance that could help remove them from this fate, “the FHA’s Underwriting Manual also praised restrictive covenants as “the surest protection against undesirable encroachment” of ”inharmonious racial groups” The FHA did not simply recommend the use of restrictive covenants but often insisted upon them as a condition for granting mortgage insurance“ r’ This vicious cycle will continue if we allow it African Americans have stopped the fight for true equality. We accept our discrimination as a social norm, and instead of fighting in the ways of Martin Luther King Jr, we fight the government in ways the land us in jail. Whites have discriminated against us and may be the reason for our shortcomings, but I believe that it is the African American community that has given us this stereotype, Our actions were our decisions alone. If we have the power to withstand this unjust treatment, then we should have the power and knowledge to change it.

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