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Here is the topic about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams full Essay in Points for Students. Examinations are a part of every student’s life. I remember the anxiety and stress I had when I had to give an exam. Exams or examinations are actually a standard set by every school and college to assess the performance and knowledge of students in a given area or subject. For some people, it is a nightmare while for others it is a challenge and an opportunity to show how good they are academic.

The courses taught throughout the year must be checked and the effectiveness of teachers must be measured. For this purpose, exams are taken every year by the institutes. Examinations are not only testing a student’s knowledge but also the teacher’s intelligence.

There are different types of exams taken by institutes around the world. If we categorize them, there are three major types of examination, after the types we’ll read the Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams.

Advantages and Disadvantages of School Exams Picture Types of Examinations Objective Examinations This includes MCQ’s in which you have to select one correct answer out of 4 or 5 given options. Each correct answer in usually awarded one point and incorrect answers are in some cases marked negatively. True and false exam sheet. This type of exam includes statements which are either true or false. The student has to write down the correct option. Short Questions. This type of exam has a set of questions, some of which are long and others are short.

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Points are allocated to each question separately according to the length and technicality. Subjective Examinations Open book exams are a part of this category. Students are allowed to use the course book in order to solve the question paper.

In some cases, questions are general in nature while in other cases, the questions asked are to be answered in detail. Case study. In this case students are provided with a case study and they have to solve the questions accordingly. Practical Examinations Practical exams are considered to be most effective when it comes to testing knowledge of a student. Students have to apply all the concepts practically in order to get the desired solutions. The advantages of exams outweigh the disadvantages of exam, but they must be kept in mind in order to improve the quality of examinations. Let’s have a look at the “advantages and disadvantages of exams”. Advantages and Disadvantages of Exams Advantages of Exams Students find themselves in a competitive environment Just like games, exams also create competition among students.

Exams are a push that every student needs in life. Every year millions of students around the world take exams and most of them work hard to achieve good grades because they want to prove they are the best. This competition helps students to work more hard and is a motivation for them. The most important part is that students learn to handle competition which they are definitely going to face later in life. Increased knowledge Exams not only test a student but also increase their knowledge. Students need to learn everything and understand every concept so they can pass an exam. Sometimes they come across technical terms which are not elaborated in the book. This means that they have to search online to find their answers and this way the student’s knowledge of the subject expands. Without examination, students won’t learn anything at home and they would waste time playing games which means that in practical life they are most likely to fail.

Practical exams make you confident Practical exams build confidence and show you the real picture. Reading and learning technical lines from the book can make you think that you are ready to face challenges in life but practicing it in real life tells you how much more you need to work. A science exam will help you find solutions for problems that may lead to failure and an English exam will teach you how to talk, walk and speak in a gathering. Scholarships Scoring well in exams brings some real benefits. If your aggregate score is more than 90% there’s a big chance that you will get a scholarship in any university you apply. Some international universities are very expensive and not everyone can afford them. Getting a scholarship means that you can get admission in the most famous universities around the world and you may not have to pay at all! Improves Memory Benefits Exams not only increase knowledge, they also strengthen memory.

When students learn what they have studied throughout the year, this makes the long-term memory stronger. When at first a student will start repeating a definition, it may take some time before he learns it but by practicing it again and again, students improve their learning skills and more information could be stored in their brains in a short time. Exams are a Revision for Students The advantages of Examination are, sometimes it is possible that due to lack of attention or tiredness, students may misinterpret a teacher’s teaching. When they study for their exams, all confusions are cleared and the gaps created are filled which means that they will form a more clear image of the concepts in their minds which would benefit them later! Advantages and Disadvantages of School Exams for Students Full Essay in Pints Disadvantages of Exams Exams Bring Tension and Anxiety With Them As soon as the exam season arrives, it brings anxiety and stress with it.

The stress of scoring well in an exam and the anxiety of failing an exam can make life very difficult for students. Some stress can be helpful that motivates us to study but excessive stress can lead to serious health issues and increased blood pressure. Decreased Effectiveness In order to score well, students ignore the concepts and focus more on rote rehearsal. They do get good grades but the cost is the decreased knowledge because after a few days most people forget what they learned and the school’s effort go down the drain. This approach weakens the practical abilities of students. The grades they get in exams wouldn’t assure success in practical life! Unfair Judgment An exam measures how the student has performed on a particular day.

It is not an authentic source of measuring a student’s intelligence and knowledge. You see, if a student scores good all year but fails to perform well on the exam day due to some reason, would that mean lack of knowledge of the student or lack of performance of the student that day? You will think of the answer yourself and then see how fairly students are judged based on a piece of paper. Exams can cause Depression Anxiety and stress are not the only problems caused by exams. During exams, the child may fear of getting bad grades which destroy his/her happiness. A sad child is more likely to get depressed and this can prove to be very harmful for health. Depression caused by exams can have very negative impact on the child’s personality! Leads to Comparison between students A child who scores a D on his math exam is likely to be compared with a child who scores an A. Every child has a different learning capacity. A major problem caused by examination is the comparison that is made between children, ignoring the fact that we all are different from each other. Some children learn new concepts easily while others are better at sports. This must be kept in our minds.

Exams are time-consuming The last Disadvantage of Exams. It is true, exams do test knowledge to some extent but the process is very time consuming and lacks creativity. New ideas can be thought of which are lesser time-consuming and bring out the creativity in students. Practically testing knowledge is a better way I would say! Examinations are a source of measuring a student’s knowledge. The advantages and disadvantages of Exams mentioned above show how fair and unfair our examination system is at the same time. All institutes should work together to improve the quality of exams and reduce the disadvantages of exams as much as they can. If you have in mind any advantages and disadvantages of exams or examinations so please don’t hesitate to share with us by using the below comment box or by “contact us” page. More opportunities should be given to the students and a system of fair judgment should be established. Our children are our future. Make it bright!

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