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From 1800 to 1831, Nat Turner was born a slave in the 19th century, near a town in Southeastern Virginia called Jerusalem; today the town is named Courtland. The Southampton county town was less than a hundred miles away from the initial spot where slaves were traditionally brought to market. Nat Turner was taken care by his grandmother who was fearlessly anti-Slavery and fearlessly religious. During the slave days it was illegal to teach a slave on how to write, but it wasn’t illegal to teach a slave how to read; which Nat Turner was taught by his ‘master’.

As young as a kid, Mr. Turner has visions that he interpreted that were messages from God that he was the chosen one. Also because of this he became a preacher for the slaves while some whites as well. He mainly talked about the Bible and usually mentioned things about anti-slavery and how it was interpreted from the Bible.

At the age of 22, Mr.

Turner escapes but finds himself with another vision by God, telling him to return and that his mission is laced with slavery. Within his return, he expands on his teachings from the Bible , and has grown many followers that call him the Prophet. In the year of 1828, while working in the fields, he had another vision of God, telling him that he needs to revolt against slavery. By 1831, Nat Turner was set on going through with this revolt, by getting a sign from God that we know as a solar eclipse.

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Turner and his small group of slaves plan their insurrection on July 4th of 1831. While this insurrection had not gone as planned because of illness they then planned it a few more months later. In August of 1831, Mount St. Helen had erupted which Nat Turner had noticed another eclipse. They then start their revolt. They first start off by killing their Master Joseph Travis and his family.

They then continue for approximately 48 hours marching towards Jerusalem in Virginia. Killing 55-65 white people, they have also grown around 70 slaves who wanted to join this revolt. Trying to make it towards Jerusalem, they interfere with a militia who stop them from revolting and execute over 55 blacks. Many of the blacks were also killed by local militias. All of the blacks that were killed were, the state actually reimbursed the owners of the slaves for their property lose. After escaping again, Nat Turner is found and turned into by a farmer.” He was captured on 30 October, then sentenced to death by hanging on November 5 after a brief trial, and executed on 11 November”(encyclopedia.com). Nat Turner was executed and it took them 6 days to do it, and passed away in Jerusalem. Many reports state that Nat Turner’s body was skinned for things like purses, trophies out of bones that were handed out to people to prove that this is what happens when you revolt against slavery.

Nat Turner did not personally free himself from slavery, but started the foundation and gave ideas to other slaves on how to accomplish it. The constant effort by trying to end slavery struck s huge toll on Virgina. Some authorities wanted to abolish it but many Virginians were for on adding more slavery laws. For example, educating slaves was banned because they didn’t want to give slaves the advantage on being able to read and or write. he passion and selflessness that was instilled in Mr. Tuner sparked a chance to other slaves that one day they can escape slavery and live in peace . Nat Turner did not accomplish his goal, but left a tremendous amount of sacrifice towards his people, to which he is still honored today by many of us. Nat Turner is now viewed as a hero to many of us for his sacrifice on striving for equal opportunity for blacks. This is why I believe that if you should believe in something even if means sacrificing everything, and that’s what Nat Turner did.

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