A Symbol Which Symbolizes Me

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Born and raised in eastern Kentucky, where the summers are as hot as a piece of bacon in a frying pan and the winters as brutal as they come. There are a multiple things that I think symbolize me as a person. Some I think symbolize me physically and others mentally. The things I think that symbolize me are a tree a diamond and a light.

First I think a tree represents me because it stands firm and it doesn’t shrivel.

I don’t let people change my opinion easily or let them take me down. People everyday try to change my view on politics religion and other things. In a storm a tree clenches to the ground and doesn’t fall or tilt. I was going through a storm before I located god’s words it made me start getting better grades and having better behavior at home and no bad attitude. I used to act like a wild tiger before i met jesus, but now I act like a angel.

Secondly I think a diamond symbolizes me too. To get a diamond you have to put it through a lot of stuff to get a diamond. It has to go through toughness to get to its final form. That has what has happened to me and I haven’t reached my final form yet but i’ve been through alot. From taking treatments every day since i was 2, not seeing my mom, not having friends, however I have gone through some good things in life, like going to the final four in the state tournament and making new friends in middle school and high school.

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Last but not least I think a light bulb symbolizes me too. I think it symbolizes me because a light bulb shines and lights up the world. I notice I do that too whenever i’m around anyone I brighten their day. In third grade i got the award for kid mostly likely to make you smile and in 6th I was awarded person to mostly brighten up your day. Even when i’m not shining that bright if you just shake me a little I glow brighter than ever seen before.

In conclusion I used to think things like basketball violins and other things symbolize me, however now I realize what truly symbolizes me a tree, a diamond, and a light bulb. Some of these things have revolutionized on how I view, and live my life. I know that other people think other things symbolize me but I believe those are what have transformed into what i am today. What do you think symbolizes you?

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