A Study on Abstract Expresisonism and the Examples of Abstract Art

Abstract Expressionism is abstract art that was originated at New York in the 1940s by a group of American painters variously labeled New York School, the Abstract Expressionists, or Action Painters. Some of the associational artists include Jackson Pollock, Willem Dekooning, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, and Adolph Gottlieb. These painters allowed the process of making their art to stand as a fundamental aspect of its content; they used a new idea to create their art through feeling rather than thinking.

A piece of art that represents Chromatic Abstract Expressionism is Mark Rothko No.5/No.22, 1950. This painting will be in my collection because of Rothko’s use of pure color to captivate the individualism during the Cold War. Using layers and shapes of color to given the audience spiritually experience successfully.

Rothko’s paintings speak of his “clouds of color” refer to spaces that exist apart from the known world, the relationship between figure and ground when the clouds of color touch one another.

Rothko said his shapes might function as perform- ers, but the dramatic action is almost entirely perceptual. I personally really enjoy Chromatic Ab- stract Expressionism because of the use of pure coloring and simple color paintings allow every- one to quickly resonance to the art itself.

Willem Dekooning Woman, 1, 1950-52 represents Gestural Abstract Expressionism. This piece is a powerful and beautiful work by using bold, expressive colors to present a woman’s features such as her shapes, round eyes, breast/chest and freedom to using painting style.

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Al- though this piece of art is imposing, I wouldn’t want it to my collection because of it is too com- plicated to focus on the painting. Although using bold, vivid colors works well to Dekooning painting, it is also the reason to why I don’t want it to my collection. I believe pure color shows the beauty within the frame, rather than excessive coloring. I am hoping to have more Chromatic Abstract Expressionism to my future collection.

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