A Research on the Mexican American History

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Though out these past weeks of school we have been learning about different things that have to do with Mexican American History. Some of those things we’ve been learning about are different images on google describing words like, “Mexican”, “Chicano”, and “Hispanic”. We have also been learning about different terms that some people dislike such as “Oaxaquita”.

The terms Mexican, Chicano, and Hispanic have different meanings and people describe them in different ways especially if you search them on google.

There are different images to describe these terms. A lot of these images matched the images I had in my head. For example, if you search the word Mexican, pictures of Sombreros and Chiles will come out and that’s exactly what I had in mind. In my opinion there’s nothing bad about finding these images on google, I mean us Mexicans do like Chile and sombreros; so there’s nothing bad about finding these images on google. There’s also nothing bad about them being the first thing to come to a person’s mind when they think about mexicans.

We have also been going over a lot of new terms that some people dislike. Such as, “Oaxaca” or “Oaxaquita”. “Oaxaca” is not a bad word. It’s a state in Mexico, but it can be rude depending on how you uñse it. Some people from there don’t like being called like that. I recently asked two of my Oaxaqueña what they would rather be called and they said Oaxaqueña.

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Why? Well they didn’t say it was rude but they did say I was weird to be called “Oaxaquita” or “Oaxaca”. I think it is rude to call these people like that because it kind of sounds like you’re calling them dumb and ugly.

A lot of the things we been learning about these past weeks are really interesting. I didn’t know calling people from Oaxaca, “Oaxaquita” was rude but now that I think of it, it is. I didn’t mention this, but I didn’t know that the Roman Empire had anything to do with Mexican history. I hope to learn a lot more interesting things throughout the semester.

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