A Report on the Story of A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell

As Mr. Peters stated, the murder of Mr. Wright is “queer” in “AJury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell. Mr. Wright is found strangled in his own bed by his own rope. Mrs. Wright claimed she is asleep beside him but never woke. “I sleep sound,” she says. There were no signs of forced entry into the Wright home. The motive for the murder is uncertain creating a deeper investigation. Afound motive would condemn Mrs. Wright, creating lustice for the men but no compassion for the women.

In the case against Mrs. Wright, aJury of all women would make a difference because of a woman‘s perspective is extremely detail-oriented while men tend to see the obvious.

The women’s snooping for clues reveals their innate curiosity, In fact, Mrs, Hale and Mrs, Peters search for items for Mrs, Wright reveals eVIdence OflLlSI that curiosity, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters inquisitive search brought their attention to the bird cage of which “one hinge has been pulled apart.

The women‘s wandering minds start to ponder implications of physical aggression with the door of the birdcage. Mrs, Hale and Mrs. Peters peeked interest begins a dialect between the women about the blfd, meanwhile they discover the murdered canary among the quilt “patches. They noticed that the canary had been Violently killed suggesting that someone cruelly wrung its neck as an act of aggression. The appearance that “someone must have been rough With it”  brings the women to consider that Mr. Wright deliberately killed his Wife‘s bird during a moment of rage.

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The women concoct an indication that Mr. Wright killed the bird due to his temper suggesting that Mrs. Wright was in an abusive relationship of which she could only escape by eliminating her husband. Through Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters examination they develop the motive Mr. Henderson and Mr Peters were searching for. The women have discovered the motive because their interest in the minute details including the badly sewn patches. the broken door of the bird cage and the murdered bird all of which has been overlooked or dismissed by Mr. Henderson and Mr. Peters. Mr. Henderson‘s and Mr. Peters’ inability to see anything except that obvious evidence implies that men are narrowrminded by nature. The only eVIdence the men are aware of in the investigation of Mr. Wright‘s strangulation is how Mrs. Wright is supposedly asleep through it all, the fact that the rope belongs to Mr. Wright, and the seemingly no forced entry exposes their narrow- minded character.

Unlike the women, Mr. Henderson and Mr. Peters verify their straightfonNard search simply because they thought nothing of the birdcage when they come upon it, except asking, “Has the bird flown?” immediately turning their attention to the apparent fact that there is “No sign at all of anyone having come in from the outside.” Their immediate dismissal of the details validates that the male perspective is one of logic rather than interpretation, Ajury compiled of women would be more likely to identify and interpret the motive demonstrated through close analysis of all of the eVidence. Small details such as the broken door of the bird cage and the murdered canary bring about speculation of an abusive relationship. “He was a hard man like a raw Wind that gets to the bone,” Mrs. Peters states about Mr. Wright rendering his rough nature and temper, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters “slipped the box under the quilt pieces in the basket”, concealing the evidence of the canaw’s murder revealing, even then, they have a hard time not showing compassion toward Mrs. Wright and her decision.

This behavior suggests that a female jury would sway toward compassion and understanding With the motive and all of the evidence being brought fon/vard, ajury compiled of all men would have seen justice in the male perspective Mr. Henderson and Mr. Peter are on a mission to condemn Mrs. Wright throughout the story as they express that “what was needed for the case was a motive; “something to show anger ,, or sudden feeling” creating a foundation for justiceю Ultimately a male jury would see the motive for what it is and feel no sympathy, only justice which is revealed during the investigation and discovery of the motive through idle conversation and questioning as well. The details of Mr. and Mrs. Wright‘s relationship bring light to a woman‘s heart but a block to a man’s eye. If all the evidence in the storywere brought to the surface, ajury of all women would have a more lenient sentence if anything at all because the women in those times have no voice.

The subtly but apparent abusive relationship that Mrs. Wright endures isn’t something she could escape from because women have no voice. People of that society and time would have turned a deaf ear. She has no support by friends. “Oh, lwish I’d come over here once in a while!” exclaimed Mrs, Hale about her absence as a neighbor and friend to Mrs. Wright. If the situation is reversed and the men occupy the seats of the jury then Mrs. Wright would have been condemned before the trial was even in session because the men only grasp the logical justice for the murder. in turn putting the compassion of her abusive situation aside and causing her misery to be Virtually invisible.

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