"A Last Summer In Mejean" Detective Novel

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One day in the summer of 2014 received five people a postal invitation to travel to southern France immediately. Consigned without naming the sender, but individually appealing messages are formulated with such irresistible maelstrom that all recipients, although any of them in the middle is in life, everything and leave and be on your way.

The common goal of five women and men is Mejean, a picturesque village on the rugged coast a few kilometers west of Marseille. You know the place well, for exactly thirty years before they were ever together here.

Their classmate Michael Schiller had generously invited them all to his parents’ house and in addition also the BMW asked his family to enable them before the real life would take hogging two weeks could nachfeiern her with stock of High School duly long. But the days in paradise ended in a nightmare, was found as Michael Bay in the near dead. The police head injury firm, examined the young Germans sought witnesses.

As a result of the investigation foul play could not be completely ruled out, but an offender was not identified. In the many years that followed each of the five people had to find their own mode to deal with his trauma. They went out of the way and never spoke about the events that had experienced any kind of different.

How is it possible that someone after three decades suggests that there is a new track for possible murderer? Simultaneously with the anonymous invitations to the five school friends a letter of reference from Germany was received in the competent Commissioner of Marseille.

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Luc, head of the Police judiciaire , knows who he ancient this should push Cold Case Commissaire Marc-Antoine Renard, a “bloodhound” and lone wolves who speaks also somewhat German, just returns to sickness four months out at the service back and to recover a little better. A dusty file and a leisurely coastal village for him are always better than the brutal life in Hafenmoloch Marseille.

So Renard travels with his old, battered Clio after Méjean and is quite unremarkable one of the few rooms that Serge, serving of sixty years of saint of the restaurant, which he led at that time. Renard, rattle-arid of the disease and always a little depressed three looking, not are recognizable as Commissaire , but the clever Serge, type tanned, pal-like surfer takes is a glance to spy out the ID card in the wallet , and then he makes his rhyme for the arrival of Flic , after just a few hours previously, the aged German clique of 1984 in the property of the family Schiller had moved. Quick advocates around the village, who since everything is eingetrudelt and to prevent hassles, it will set itself, preferring to retain some observation and vague conclusion of that time for themselves.

At the beginning of his France- Detectives provides Cay Rademacher any person who later Renard’s research is significant, independent of the others in their present situation. The further course of the novel follows a nearby structure. Chapter that tell Renard’s investigation at the present time, change with those who (sold italics) describe from different perspectives, which has thirty years before, “Orwell Year” has occurred in 1984th The first of these with how Michael unlocks for his friends, the door to the holiday home in Mejean, “an ironic smile at the same time a little proud.” Starts

“One last summer in Mejean” credible and understandable follows a criminal plot which sometimes resembles a maze, culminating in an entirely unexpected solution. Above all, this is an enjoyable, beneficial linguistically sophisticated summer reading, spread the intense southern France atmosphere and can even act as a regional travel companion. Renard, the gentle protagonist, conquered the terrain (in a figurative sense as in concrete) on silent feet. En détail the narrator describes the cliffs of the Côte Bleue their Calanques (deep gorges towards the sea).

On stony paths hinschlängeln above hidden coves lying, the investigators in shimmering heat runs by accident or the one or the other German on the way, which are known to him from the case. To get to chatting, and by tentatively loosen the tongues is emerging that crackled time properly in the rafters of the seemingly harmonious clique. The striking differences between the young people – family background, appearance, talent, Abi-cut, genius, charisma – hoped to realized or frustrated love relationships offered enough reasons for resentment and jealousy and secrets that every / r many years still for hid with them. Now someone drives a game with their conscience, and all have come and wait anxiously what happens. A spannungsknisternder blockbuster thriller is not. Besides the attractive setting and the well-kept language, it is the carefully differentiated character studies that make the book worth reading.

The searches run leisurely off after Classic Style: In individual discussions Renard hear this and that, weigh what they hear from carefully whether it can be assembled for a homicide a motive, and yet have to start over again from scratch. If he chats with Serge, the fishermen and the neighbors, he tried to hear small piece of the puzzle that could close the many gaps in his profile picture. But his many interlocutors are considered for various reasons to secrecy.

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"A Last Summer In Mejean" Detective Novel
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