A Comparison of the Novels, The Kite Runner and Thousand Splendid Suns

The readers have seen the lives of the characters in the novels. The Kite Runner and Thousand Splendid Suns change In a flash. Leaving what once a part of their daily routines lust a memory. Violence did play a role in the dramatic changes in the lives of Amir. Hassan. Baba. and Ali from the Kite Runner. In Thousand Splendid Suns violence played a more active role in the events of the story and also to the outcome of the book because the fighting determined who was still alive or not.

The married couples lived two different lifestyles. Rasheed and Mariam involved in fighting and turmoil. Amir and Soroya. a loving relationship that was meant forever. The anger towards the Soviets by the Afghan people and the excitement of the Russians leaving Afghanistan is clearly expressed in both novels. In the Kite Runner. Amir is best friends to death with Hassan. They played together and flew kites Even more important Hassan was a servant who accepted that Amir went to school and he cleaned the house instead of going to school.

Amir was such a good friend to Hassan that when he was in need of help. Amiriust watched the bullies led by Assef rape Hassan. He felt so bad that one day he asked Baba “can we get rid of Hassan” which was completely out of the realm of the normal topics. Amir had let down his friend. and then to complete his Wish Amir framed Hassan by making it look like theft had been committed.

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Rasheed and Mariam were married by arrangement. They were a very happy couple for a while. and then a ways down the road Rasheed became abusive and angry with his Wife because nothing could please him anymore, Mariam had a friend Laila who was in the house quite a bit. knew what was going on and was a friend by allowing the violence to continue, Rasheed continued to pound on Mariam until one day she picked up a shovel. killed her husband and ended being publicly executed.

All could have been saved by just making a move to be a true friend. Between the novels. the kind of friends Amir and Laila were. I‘m there when were haying fun. but when you‘re in crisis your alone. Amir’s marriage to Soroya was arranged by Baba and the General. Soroya and Amir got married. Their relationship was very healthy and love was evident in their minds. Unfortunately. Soroya was unable to have children due to infertility. No violence or fighting occurred in their marriage. Most troubling part of their relationship was when Amir went back home to Afghanistan, but that eventually allowed Hassan’s son to join their family in America. Rasheed‘s marriage to Mariam had its ups and downs. but mostly turned into an abusive relationship. Just like Soroya and Amir. the two were a beautiful couple. Mariam became a punching bag and someone to take anger out on for Rasheed.

Sad thing is beauty isn’t everything because both of them ended up dead in the end. Muslim marriages are not supposed to endure like that over time. Soroya and Amir led a faithful Islamic marriage and Rasheed. Mariam were unfaithful to the point of where they should have split up. The successful couple and an unsuccessful couple. but both had consequences to their actions. some more costly than others. Amir was granted a last dying wish from his father. Baba by getting to live in America. Baba wanted his son to have a better than he did. In his last letter and also Rahim Khans‘ they expressed forgiveness from Allah and for their friends to have a great life even With their passing. In a Thousand Splendid Suns Jalil writes a letter to his daughter Mariam. who had passed and died Without him knowing, He expressed in his letters that Allah should forgive her and him. that all i want is for you to be happy. By God let it happen. The letter never reached Mariam. but her children and friends.

Very emotional for them. but the gift from Jalil to the kids was a Disney tape. Jalil never Will get to understand his daughter murdered her husband and became the object of a public execution. Only Allah can reveal that now to them in heaven. Of all the changes in the lives of all the characters from the Kite Runner and Thousand Splendid Suns. the most significant effects have to be Amir and Laila not being a friend in times of trouble. If the two had reacted differently to specific incidents. the books would have been riddled with happiness not suffering, Baba gave Amir what he’d promised him. a better life. Taliban proved its power, punishing those Ilke Mariam who went against the guidelines. The two novels can be a lesson to all that tragedies can happen in life and best way to deal with it is to stay close With lamily and your friends, don’t become isolated while experiencing difficulty.

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